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Teens fall to death from balcony:Teens tragically die after 6-story balcony fall

Two teens fall to their death from a balcony after they were attempting to have sex on it. An 18-year-old man and 19-year-old woman were in a south London flat when the incident occurred. They fell six stories from Knights Tower in Deptford this week, Sky News reports.

A neighbor of the flat noticed what they were doing before the fall to their deaths happened.

"They were trying to have sex on the balcony, the guy was lifting the girl and putting her on the bannister, he kept on doing it," the neighbor said.

The neighbor added, "He was putting her on there - they were going back and forth. You could see they were doing some really dangerous stuff.

"It is not the first time we have seen people on the balcony acting up."

At one point the teens went back inside when some friends must have come over, but they came out again ... kissing and "frolicking" away. What happened next was really bad.

A London police spokesman said officers "were not treating the deaths as suspicious." Inspector Shaun Carre-Brown said this: "This appears to be a tragic accident and our thoughts go out to the families and those that knew them.

The teens fell to their death from a high balcony and nearby residents are shaken up from the ordeal. People who live in multiple-story buildings need to be extra cautious of dangerous ledges outside and not underestimate threats of falling.

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