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Teens fall to death from balcony: Sex on ledge proves deadly for two teen lovers

Fresh news of two teens falling to their death from a balcony while allegedly having sex on it has crashed across news headlines this week. A new update from The Independent this Thursday, June 12, 2014, has confirmed the names and identities of the pair of star-crossed victims in the deadly incident. According to one witness who saw the two moments before they slipped, it seems the 18-year-old and 19-year-old lovers were trying to have sex together on a balcony in London when they suddenly fell six stories from the cropped ledge.

Teens fall to their death from a balcony in London, having sex
Wikimedia Commons

In a tragic turn of events last weekend, one London party that was supposed to be a night of fun and enjoyment turned to horror instead for all guests instead. When teens fall to their death from a balcony, it makes headlines, and this sad but deadly incident is no exception. Miguel Ramos, age 18 and the son of a Mexican politician, as well as 19-year-old Anastasia Tutik, a Russian student, have been confirmed as the two victims in this unexpected tragedy.

One witness acknowledged that the teens were engaging in “really dangerous stuff” before the plummet, namely trying to have sex on a balcony a full six stories up in the air one night last weekend in London. Shortly afterward, the two were said to have fallen from the ledge to their deaths; they were confirmed deceased on the ground by medical officials a few minutes after midnight on Saturday.

In what is being called a “tragic accident,” says BBC News, it seems that the late night romp of these two lovers turned fatal for them when a bout of “intense kissing” was taken too far. The deaths are still being investigated, but police officials say that they are not being considered as suspicious or under the threat of foul play at this time.

After law enforcement authorities asked any witnesses to come forward, they did receive one witness who stepped up, saying he saw the two teens before they fall. Although no one at the London party said they viewed the pair fall to their deaths. The unidentified bystander said he noticed the 18-year-old and 19-year-old “frolicking” together on the sixth story balcony of the building, and were apparently trying to have sex.

"The occupants were inside, these two were on the balcony. We were shutting our blinds when we saw a couple on their balcony frolicking …" Added another witness shortly afterward: "We thought they were trying to have sex on the balcony. The guy was lifting the girl and putting her on the banister. You could see they were doing some really dangerous stuff."

Less than a half hour later, there was a scream and a loud bang. The witness said it sounded not unlike a gunshot.

"We honestly thought someone had been shot."

According to one detective on the fatal case, it seems these two teens who fell to their deaths were just trying to have a good time, but the lovers simply let things go too far and lost control of the situation. It has not been determined whether either the boy or the girl had been drinking when the incident occurred. Now, authorities are trying to work with the college that both teens attended as students in handling the sad situation.

Stated one police officer: "We believe this was a tragic accident involving two young people who were students attending a local college … We will work closely with the college to make sure any affected students receive information and support. Our thoughts are with the family and friends of these young people."

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