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Teens fall to death from balcony: Sex on balcony ends with lovers’ fatal fall

Teens fell to death from a balcony in London, and the tragic news headlines are travelling quickly around the globe this week. Neighbors who witnessed the accident could do nothing but scream. The two teens, a 19-year-old girl from Russia and an 18-year-old boy from Mexico, had just met at a party and at the time they fell from the balcony, neighbors report that the two were engaged in quite intimate activities on the sixth-floor balcony of the Knights Tower in Deptford, South London, reports The Telegraph on June 11.

Teens fall to death from balcony: Screams of horror as love-making turns fatal
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Neighbors told authorities that the couple was engaged in kissing and love-making at the time of their fall. One of the neighbors said that “she saw him lift her up and put her on the edge of the balcony. She said she had her arms around his neck and then he was stood against her, kissing her. Then she saw his legs stumble backwards – he stumbled backwards and she stumbled the other way. Then they both fell off."

The Knights Tower in South London is a new 18-story building that has spectacular views of the Thames and Canary Wharf. Early on Wednesday morning, just shortly after midnight, however, neighbors had to witness a different kind of view – the horrific picture of two young teen lovers in a pool of blood.

Neighbors described the party on Wednesday as a regular party of young people getting together and socializing. There were no noise complaints or any rowdiness going on. According to the Metropolitan Police, officers arrived at the scene at 12:13 a.m. on Wednesday, June 11, and even though several ambulances rushed to the Knights Tower, it was clear that nothing could be done for the teens. Both had died instantly.

Stuart Harrison, a 38-year-old neighbor who saw the teens’ bodies lying on his neighbor’s patio after the fall, said that the scene still haunts him. “The man was lying face up on his back and the girl was cuddled up next to him. So it looked like they fell together. They were surrounded by a massive pool of blood. The blood was all around them.”

The teens who fell to their death from the balcony were two international students from Russia and Mexico. According to a Mirror report, 19-year-old Anastasia Tutik from Russia and 18-year-old Miguel from Monterrey in Mexico had just met at the party where other international students were present. Anastasia, who is being described as slim, blonde with green eyes and intelligent, was studying A level courses in London and was one of the top students in her class. Miguel had just arrived in London a week ago in order to take a summer course in English. The families of Anastasia and Miguel are flying into London from Russia and Mexico.

Scotland Yard does not suspect any foul play in the two lovers’ death. Neighbors who saw the two teens making out on the balcony said that "at some point friends must have come outside and they got down and came back inside and then came back out again. This time they started doing it again. You see people on the balcony doing all sorts of things and I just felt it was one of those things and in a moment they will probably go back inside. The last thing I expected was to see them falling down five floors. We just screamed."

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