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Teens fall to death from balcony: Anastasia Tutik, Miguel Ramos plummet at party

Two teens fell to their deaths from a balcony during a party in London. Mail Online notes that the two teens were Anastasia Tutik, 19, and Miguel Ramos, 18. Reports from witnesses indicate that the two may have been having sex on the sixth-floor balcony when things went horribly wrong.

Two teens fall to death from balcony during London party
Screencap via video

A group of teens were partying at the luxury apartment to celebrate the end of the term at Bellerbys College. The teens fell to death from the balcony and it seems the two died either instantly or very quickly, as paramedics were unable to do anything to save them. The two teens were both pronounced dead at the scene.

Neither teen was from the London area. In fact, it seems that Ramos had arrived in London from Mexico only a week ago. He apparently met Tutik, who is from Russia, at a party and was immediately smitten.

ITV says police consider this a “tragic accident.” A witness, Samson Oguntayo, says that “You could see they were doing some really dangerous stuff.” It sounds as if it was a fairly small party, and the teens fell to death from the balcony after wanting a bit of private time to get to know one another a bit more intimately.

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