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Teens are going back to school in style

school clothes for teens
school clothes for teens
Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images

It's that time again...time for back to school clothes shopping for the kiddos! I have four children and all will be in some level of school this year, so I certainly understand what a busy time of year this can be. This can also be a very stressful event for parents as well as for the kids and this doesn't only refer to the cost of providing clothes that are appropriate for school. The battle between parents and teens can get slightly intense when it comes to compromising. As parents, we may have an idea of what we think is school appropriate, but that opinion may vary greatly with what the teenager feels is a great outfit for the start of school

Because my two elementary age boys are so easy to shop for, back to school shopping is a breeze for them since Mom usually has the first and last say so in deciding on a back to school wardrobe. As children get older and form distinct styles and personalities, the once easy and stress free shopping trips can turn into a battle of the wills and of course a much more expensive endeavor.

I know from my two teenage nephews that clothes are very important to a teenage boy, almost as much as they are to teenage girls. At this age, boys are not only dressing for school day, but also for events outside of school such as homecoming, school dances, prom and even those special dates. My oldest nephew has become quite a stylish young man and I can only imagine him choosing between a French cuff S!R fashionable dress shirt or just a more laid back polo shirt.

With either choice, I feel confident that his personal style will shine and he will look amazing and ready for any occasion and especially the new school year.