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Teens and adults will love 'Don't Call Me Baby'

'Don't Call Me Baby' by Gwendolyn Heasley.
Book cover photo provided by Little Bird Publicity

Meg started blogging about her daughter Imogene, a.k.a. Babylicious, about 15 years ago. She has 20,000 daily readers.

Imogene wants her mother to stop writing about her. She wants to be able to relax at home instead of worrying about her mother taking and posting another embarrassing picture of her.

Imogene's friend Sage can relate. Sage's mom writes a vegan blog. When Sage isn't with her mother, she eats her favorite foods that her mother doesn't allow her to have at home.

Imogene and Sage's ninth grade English teacher's assignment is to write a blog. Imogene and Sage don't want to be the subject of another blog, until they realize they can use their blogs to get revenge against their mothers.

Don't Call Me Baby, written by Gwendolyn Heasley ( and published by Harper Teen (, will be available April 22, 2014. Part of this book takes place in Minneapolis, Minnesota. St. Paul readers can find some of Heasley's books at a St. Paul Public Library and a Ramsey County Library.

Julia Parent also writes St. Paul TV Examiner and St. Paul Magazine Examiner articles.

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