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Teenagers Tips for Effectively Dealing with Difficult Life Situations

Growing up with all the promise, euphoria, and wonderful memories that it can create will also come some heartache and pain. However, you can get through your childhood and become a healthy and productive adult by dealing effectively with your life issues as they arise.

Ending a love relationship

The end of a love relationship can be hard to cope with. You and your partner may both be confused. You may have feelings for each other and find it difficult to stay away from each other. And, this is even though you both know that your journey together is over. In this case, you should both be willing to admit to this and agree that you may be able to be friends later on down the line. For now, you should avoid seeing and talking to each other as much as possible. Rely on your family and friends for comfort and support. Continue with your daily activities as normal. You will begin to feel better soon.

Parents splitting apart

At this time you may be experiencing many different emotions. You may become angry and blame one parent for disrupting the household. The absent parent may have made you promises that they didn’t keep, and you may be disappointed. If your parents had a bad relationship, you may be relieved that they’re gone and guilty about any negative thoughts that you may have had about them. And, you may be jealous if the absent parent is living with another family. It’s important that you accept the fact that all relationships end --- good or bad. But, you and your family will get past it and learn to adjust to the other parent not living with you anymore. Talk to them about when they will call you and when you can expect to spend time together.

Dealing with stepbrothers and sisters

It may be difficult for you to share your parent’s time and affection with another family. You may be angry at your sibling for being around and guilty about this. Talk with your parent if you feel you are receiving unfair treatment. Otherwise, talk to your sibling about the way you feel. You may discover that they are suffering as well. Understand that it is not their fault that your parents are not together anymore. In time you may grow to like each other and love each other a lot.

Loss of “friendships”

People come and go. And, sometimes we are baffled as to the reason why. But, sometimes we know exactly why a friendship has ended. Maybe the person you at least thought you were close to started using drugs, became to promiscuous, or began participating in some other destructive activity. At times, you may be tempted to allow this person to come back around you out of boredom or you are hurting over the end of the friendship. However, stay firm. The right type of “friends” will come along.

Parent become unemployed

When one parent loses their job, it can be a struggle for the family to survive. You may not get a chance to hang out with your friends and have as much fun as you did before, and you may not be able to dress up in the latest fashions anymore. Also, other reasons that money is important may become embarrassingly obvious. Don’t panic or become too upset. Continue to do your household chores to the best of your ability. Talk to your parent(s) about their budget. For example, you may want to know if you will be able to attend football practice this year. Other relatives and close friends can help you out during this time. And, definitely you will want to consider getting a part-time job.

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