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Teenagers find new way to get high using Burt’s Bees called ‘Beezin’

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Teenagers are always on the looking for new ways to get high. They’ve found it with a very common product, Burt’s Bees. Teens call it “Beezin” and say that it lets them “stay high.”

Burt’s Bees is a natural lip balm wax. Teenagers are using it to get high by applying a light layer of the balm to their eyelids. These teens have posted videos of themselves “Beezin” on all of the popular social media sites like, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

“Beezin”, according to those who have done it adds to the experience of being drunk or high. Others have claimed that it helps them to stay alert. Physicians have warned that using the lip balm wax on the eyelids could lead to health problems.

Dr. Brett Cauthen spoke with KOKH in Oklahoma City and said, “The peppermint oil in the lip balm is a very strong irritant and can cause inflammation in the eye redness or the eye swelling.” As the eyes are the most sensitive, “Beezin” could also cause pink eye like symptoms.

Dr. Cauthen went on to say that “Our big message is natural does not equate with safety.” Some of the people using the Burt’s Bees think its safe because it’s 100 percent natural. However, using it in ways that it wasn’t intended is risky.

Unison Behavioral Health alcohol and drug therapist, Truman Claytor said that most of the time something that starts out as an experiment for the children in their teens quickly escalates into harder, more destructive drug use. Claytor stated, “Kids look for trends and they find it on Facebook and YouTube and they get into that stuff and start experimenting.”

Parents of teenagers need to watch for sudden changes in their child’s behavior like increased sleeping, sudden mood swings as well as money and other possessions going missing.

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