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Teenagers are landing the internship of a lifetime

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Technology firms are hiring teenagers for some very special internship; that according to a July 8 article in The Register. The article goes on to say that more established companies are being outbid by smaller, lesser known companies. The teenage interns are making on average over $6,000 dollars per month.

The advent and availability of the internet has made finding an internship a lot easier. Websites such as Intern Match allows you to match your career likes, demonstrated skills, salary requirements, and preferred working location to companies across town or across the country. While the number of internships has increased, the unemployment rate for youth (ages 15-24) has increased as well. Prior to the recession of 2007, the youth unemployment rate was about 12%. In 2013, that number ballooned up to 20%.

Is there a difference between an internship and a summer job? Not really; according to Cornell University’s Career Development page. A job typically speaks to a relationship between a supervisor and an employee. An internship implies that the candidate will spend a portion of his or her time learning from an apprentice or teacher.

What is the best way to find an internship? According to CBS News, there are a number of things that you can do to help you land an internship. Some of the advice, like network with a purpose, is not new or creative ideas. Some of the ideas, like buying an internship (by employing a search firm) are very creative and full proof; but also come at a price.

50 Chicago high school students were asked if they would ever apply for an internship. Almost 80% of the students (39) said that they would apply or had applied for an internship. When asked how they felt about an unpaid internship; less than 25% (10) said they would consider an unpaid internship.

The availability and impact of internships seems to have decreased over the past decade. Would you apply for an internship? Would you ever accept an unpaid internship?

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