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Teenager walking railroad tracks killed by train in Daytona Monday night

Daytona Beach Police patrol car in file photo.
Daytona Beach Police patrol car in file photo.
Mike Royer.

A 17-year old boy was killed in a train accident in Daytona Beach Monday night. A report on the Daytona Beach Police website says the boy was “…walking northbound on the [railroad] tracks carrying a skateboard,” around 8:20 Monday evening around 300 yards north of Wilder Boulevard. That location is east of the Daytona Beach Golf Club. Police say the train was southbound and the conductor was using the train horn trying to get the boy to move off the tracks. Police say the boy “…tried to jump out of the way [as the train approached] but he was too late and he was struck by the train.”

Daytona Beach Fire Department units responded to the scene, located the boy and transported him to Halifax Hospital, but police say the boy died on the way to the hospital. Police say the train involved in the accident was a Florida East Coast train and that their investigation into the case is continuing.

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