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Teenager’s etiquette for hanging out

Everyone is responsible for each other’s safety

If you will be riding in a motor vehicle to your destination, unless it is public transportation, each car rider is responsible for making sure that everyone is wearing their seat belts. No one including the driver should be intoxicated or consume alcohol while riding in the vehicle. The driver needs you to be alert and to help him watch out for other passengers. Also, as you begin to feel good, you may get a little rowdy and distract the driver. Under no circumstances should you use illegal drugs. If there will be a child going along with you, make sure that she has the proper car seat and is properly buckled up.

Avoid meaningless wandering around

Before you agree to get together, it is a good idea to know where you are going and what you are going to do once you arrive at that location. Whatever your plans are, they shouldn’t involve hurting other people or breaking the law. Nor, should you go against your parents’ wishes. In fact, your parents should know exactly where you are going in case something bad happens.

Don’t embarrass each other

Don’t embarrass your friends by spending lots more money than they have if you are on a double date. If they are less fortunate don’t pick fun of their clothing or talk about their hygiene in front of their date or others. (This should be done in private.) Also, don’t rub it in if your date is more attractive than theirs. To do so is very inconsiderate and cruel. However, you can offer to let them borrow some money or say something nice about them in front of their date. Or you can end the double date and go off on your own without the other couple. If you arepart of a group, don’t ignore anyone who is with you.

Respect others

Avoid talking about other people or using profanity around other people while you are hanging out. Address adults by their appropriate titles Ms. If it’s a woman and Mr. if it’s a man. Also, don’t damage other people’s property. You should also learn to respect and understand other people’s customs if you haven’t done so.

Know what to expect

Your date doesn’t owe you sex just because you treated them well or showed them a good time. Nor should you expect for them to pay for a portion of the meal unless they have agreed to do such a thing. If you and a group will be getting together to dine---check the menu to find out about their prices in advance. And if you are going to a club, concert, or any other place where their is entertainment---expect to spend some money on food, drinks, etc.

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