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Teenager finds strange markings on her legs

A 17-year-old girl finds strange markings on her legs with a black light
A 17-year-old girl finds strange markings on her legs with a black light

A 17-year-old girl was playing with a black light last week when she noticed strange markings on her legs. The teenager's grandmother posted a story and photos of the girl's legs on a paranormal website on Saturday.

A woman posted a thread called "Strange & Unexplained Symbols on My Granddaughter's Calves" on the Above Top Secret website. The 61-year-old claims that her granddaughter was using a UV flashlight last Friday when she noticed something strange on her legs.

"My 17-year-old granddaughter was playing with her handheld black light yesterday and all of a sudden saw these strange symbols on both of her calves. She was so frightened that she came running downstairs to me in tears," the teenager's grandmother said.

According to the woman, her granddaughter is not the type of person to play games or practical jokes.

"We tried washing them off, took lotion to try and remove them and even tried nail polish remover with no success. They only show under a black light and are not visible to to the naked eye. I think they resemble a Rune Symbol but am unable to find any that match her markings. They are all the same with some looking older than others, however there is one on each calf that are very bright and clear under the black light. They are all exactly the same and if someone had done this to her they would have had to use a stencil. These were not put there by her or anyone else and it is a true mystery as to how they got there or what they are," the woman said.

When asked why the teenager was shining a UV light on her legs, her grandmother said that she was shining it around in her room when she noticed something on her leg. The woman stated that her granddaughter doesn't go to clubs and there isn't any UV paint in their home.

Many people have suggested that the markings are paranormal in nature and some folks believe that the markings might have come from aliens. Someone said that it looks like the Monster energy drink logo and another person suggested that the teenager got it from shaving her legs and that the markings might be from the lubrication strip from a razor. What do you think the markings are? Are they paranormal in nature? Is this a hoax? Post your thoughts in the comment section below.

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