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Teenager captures the ghost of Michael Jackson on camera

14-year-old snaps a photo of the king of pop's ghost
Reece Saava

A teenager was taking photographs of a Michael Jackson impersonator and after he reviewed the images, he noticed a strange figure in one of the photos. The eerie figure is believed to be the ghost of the king of pop, Local London reported yesterday.

Reece Saava recently snapped a photo of a Michael Jackson impersonator while visiting Bromley's Churchill Theatre on May 10. After reviewing the images with a friend, the 14-year-old noticed something strange in one of the photos.

"My friend was like: 'what is that in the corner, were there balloons?' When I looked at it I was genuinely quite shocked, it was very distinct, not like other photos of you see of that sort of thing. I cannot say I believe in ghosts but it is very spooky," Saava said.

In the photo, a figure can be seen peering over the Michael Jackson impersonator. Saava's mother Angela thinks that the figure has a striking resemblance to the king of pop.

"It is certainly very spooky to say the least. The image is so clear. Sometimes you can see these things in photos, it is an image of something but you are almost willing it to be something else. But you look at that and it is clearly a face and it does look like Michael Jackson. And the fact it was a Michael Jackson event and there he was makes it all the more eerie. Although, I think if he did come back from the dead, he probably wouldn't go to watch an impersonator," Saava's mother said.

What do you think the ghostly figure is? Is it a hoax or some sort of publicity stunt? Could it actually be the ghost of Michael Jackson? Post your opinion in the comment section below.

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