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Teenager assaulted in Carmel parking lot

On Saturday around approximately 10:40 PM, a teenage female was reportedly assaulted upon returning to her vehicle.

Carmel Police Department was called to take the report. The 17-year-old Carmel resident was on the east end of Biaggi's Restaurant parking lot (14299 Clay Terrace Boulevard) when she was assaulted.

The victim stated to police that she was walking to her vehicle when the attacker assaulted her with a stun gun before fleeing in a white, 4-door Oldsmobile Cutlass. The car and suspect were last seen heading north on Clay Terrace Boulevard toward 146th Street in Carmel.

The victim was treated for minor injuries to her back and shoulder area before being sent to Carmel St. Vincent Hospital for any other medical assistance.

The female described the attacker as a white male in his mid to late 20's. The suspect is approximately 5'10" to 5'11" tall with brown eyes, a partial beard, and wearing a hood.

If you have any information regarding this attack, please contact the Carmel Police Department Investigations Division immediately at (317) 571-2511.

How to be safe while walking at night:

  • Be inconspicuous - avoid drawing attention to yourself; blend in
  • Divert Attention - wear clothing that will not draw attention
  • Lit areas - try to stick to well-lit and heavily traveled streets
  • Avoid eye contact - look in front of you and not at other people
  • Look confident - do not hesitate when walking
  • Protect yourself - carry a bottle of pepper spray or another defense weapon with you and where you can easily access it
  • Phones - keep your mobile phone on and within easy reach
  • Be noisy - yell or scream loudly if someone approaches you and you feel threatened
  • Tell someone - let someone know where you are going and when you are coming back
  • Take someone with you - walk with a friend or family member
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