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Teenage girls raped, brutalized and murdered by suspected cops

Two teenage sisters on Friday were reportedly raped, brutalized and murdered execution-style by four attackers, two of whom are Indian police officers from the children's village in Katra, India, according to an American police officer, Evelyn Kindner, who specializes in sex crimes and violence.

The latest rape-murder case has galvanized India's women who are demanding an end to the violence against women.
Getty Images/AFP

The perpetrators of this shocking crime took the bodies of the dead teenagers and strung them up to a tree, which became a shrine from the villagers to hold a vigil and a protest against the police in the village, according to reports in the Indian news media.

The people living in the village told police investigators from the Uttar Pradesh State Police that they found the girls' bodies hanging from a mango tree Wednesday morning, just hours after they were abducted by the suspects in the fields near their home.

The 14- and 15-year-olds had gone into the fields because there are no toilets in many of the homes in Katra.

Indian TV reported that many of the villagers sat beneath the lifeless bodies of the two girls' as they swayed in the breeze. While the vigil was peaceful police complained they weren't allowed to remove the bodies until they succeeded in apprehending the rapist-murderers.

On that same day, State Police officers arrested two village officers suspected of taking part in the crime many say is one of the most heinous in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

The medical examiner's autopsies of the two girls revealed that the young girls were repeatedly raped and then they were strangled to death by their rapists before being hung from the tree.

It is believed that the brutality against the girls and the lack of police response to the initial report of the kidnapping, rape and murder was due to India's continued social caste system. The murdered girls and their parents are members of the "untouchables" (Dalit caste), considered the lowest human beings in India's age-old caste system.

Ironically, India has one of the world's toughest laws regarding sexual assaults and rapes even if the victim survives. Gang-rape is punishable by the death penalty.

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