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Teenage deaths not off limits when it comes to offensive behavior towards Asians

Most Asians are pretty numb to how the media portrays Asians in terms of mocking dialect, accents and even appearance. Asians are constantly depicted in films as being the comedy relief or focus of a punch line.

However, in a real world situation where deaths are involved, many Asians were extremely shocked to see the media’s role in the mocking of Asians on the news of all places. Star Tribune reported, “Three people were killed when the airplane, carrying 307 passengers and crew on a flight from South Korea to San Francisco International Airport on July 6, approached the runway too low and slow. It clipped a seawall at the end of a runway, tearing off the tail and sending the plane spinning down the runway. The impact caused the plane to catch fire.”

The plane carried men, women, children and elderly people and yet, even this was not off limits when it came to mocking the Asian community. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) released a statement apologizing for mistaken confirmed pilot names which were aired on the news.

KTVU, a Fox affiliate, in California aired names of the supposed pilots of the aircraft, stating the names of the pilots were the following:

• Captain Sum Ting Wong
• Wi Tu Lo
• Ho Lee Fuk
• Bang Ding Ow

With three teenage girl deaths and over 180 passengers injured, the Asian community was shocked to see that even this incident was not off limits when it comes to the ongoing offensive behavior towards Asians.

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