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Teenage brother stops his mother from drowning his two sisters in a bathtub

The New York Daily News reported a story today about a Dallas mother who unsuccessfully tried to drown her two daughters (4 and 6) yesterday. Fortunately, Jydesmon Gardner, 18, busted in and saved his two sisters from certain death. Sonya Ann Gardner, 35, became angry with her daughters after they kept asking for snacks. In a rage, she filled their bathtub with water and tried to drown the children. She later told authorities she was high from smoking marijuana laced with PCP earlier in the day.

Sonya Ann Gardner, 35, attempted to drown her two daughters in a bathtub until her son intervened.
Fox 4 News Facebook page

After Gardner’s son Jydesmon heard screams coming from his mother’s apartment, he forced his way in. Police say he discovered his mother trying to drown his sisters in a filled bathtub. The teenager pulled out a gun and fired a warning shot. He then bolted past his mother, grabbed his soaked sisters and ran.

The traumatized 6-year-old told authorities they were “fixing to die.” She told the police that her mother was going to drown them. Concerned neighbors kept the girls until Child Protective Services arrived. Dallas authorities have charged Sonya Gardner with two counts of attempted capital murder of a child. Her bond has been set at $1 million dollars. Child Protective Services placed the children in foster care.

Because of a parole violation for an unrelated incident, the teenage brother left the scene after saving his sisters. Police want to speak to him about the incident. Police also said the wanted teenager could be in trouble for having a gun, which also violated his probation terms.

Ernest Gardner, the suspect’s brother told Fox News that his sister’s actions were out of character for her. She didn’t have any previous problems with Children Services and she has one prior arrest for possessing marijuana. A neighbor said the mother was sobbing and apologetic for trying to kill her children.

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