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Teenage boy hides in the wheel well of a jet and survives a Nigerian flight

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A teenage boy reportedly hid inside the wheel well of a jet at a Nigerian airport on Saturday and survived a 35-minute flight, reported Yahoo! News on August 25.

Apparently, the boy was spotted dashing towards the jet at southern Benin City, Arik Airline just as it was taxiing on the runway to take off.

Passengers and crew members alerted the pilots that the young boy was seen hiding inside the wheel well. The pilots then alerted Nigerian's aviation agency.

According to Arik Airline managing director Chris Ndulue, they are worried by security lapses at Nigeria's airports, especially during a time when the country is fighting an Islamic uprising.

Even though the pilots were alerted of the boy's presence on the flight, they decided to go ahead with the takeoff, said Federal Aviation Agency of Nigeria spokesman Yakubu Dati.

As soon as the plane landed in Lagos after the 35-minute domestic flight, a teenage boy, estimated to be around 13 or 14-years-old, jumped out of the wheel well and was apprehended by Arik Airline's personnel.

It is reported that most stowaways, such as this boy, do not survive flights; however, according to Arik Airline spokesman Ola Adebanji, it is believed that this teen survived because the flight was short and the plane didn't go above 25,000 feet.