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'Teen Wolf' 'Time of Death' recap: Terrible ideas

'Teen Wolf' season 4 episode 8 "Time of Death"
'Teen Wolf' season 4 episode 8 "Time of Death"
MTV, via Twitter

The Monday, Aug. 11 episode of "Teen Wolf," 408, "Time of Death," sees Scott and his pack put a somewhat stupid plan in motion to try to find out the identity of the Benefactor. Meanwhile, Lydia continues to search her lake house for anything really, and Braeden helps Derek now that he's powerless.

Once again, "Teen Wolf" opens up with Stiles dreaming of sleep problems, but this time, it's that he can't sleep because he's used to sleeping in the middle of the bed, but with Malia there, they have to get creative. That means trying spooning, which only works when she's the big spoon. But then he wakes up, and he's all alone. Poor guy. That's because Malia's busy off breaking into the safe in the Hale vault for her adoption records, but Peter seems to have decided to keep an eye on the place since now everyone knows about it and catches her.

When she declares that she can take him, Peter's pride is hurt and he decides to show he's still all manly and strong by destroying his vault. This conversation is not at all what a father/daughter conversation should be – can you imagine if they went to family therapy? – but in the end, Peter gives Malia a piece of information about her mother: an alias, the Desert Wolf, a coyote. If he paid a few thousand for that like he said, does anyone else feel like he got ripped off? Malia is worried about murdering running in the family now, as she tells Stiles when she goes to see him after her talk with Peter, and she admits that she told her adopted mother because they got in the car, "I wish you were all dead."

Meanwhile, the hospital is once again the prime location of all the chaos and fighting. Scott's father leaves town to go to San Francisco to face a review at the field office for shooting the latest assassin, which means he has to miss Scott's first lacrosse game (but let's face it, with the way things are going, either Scott's going to miss that game or someone's going to end up dead on the field, so maybe McCall missing it is a good thing), but when he comes back, he wants to be "in the know" because he sees that Scott and his friends don't handle things like normal teenagers. No Scott, normal teenagers don't react like your friends at all ever. It's a good thing Scott's father is out of town at the moment considering the pack's plan to lure out the Benefactor is to kill Scott. Well played, Melissa Ponzio. Who else thought for a second that they forgot to clue Scott's mother in on the plan?

"This is a terrible idea," Kira's mother comments before instructing her daughter how to basically kill her boyfriend, as mothers tend to do when they are a kitsune/live in Beacon Hills/etc., and send him through a series of dreams, that would be good or bad depending on him. (They're going to be bad, obviously, because this is Scott and "Teen Wolf.") They may have told Melissa the plan, but they didn't tell her the most important part of it: if they don't bring Scott back in 45 minutes, he dies.

Argent and Stiles contact the Benefactor and say that they can't get visual confirmation because the police are coming in 40 minutes, and Scott, Kira and Liam set up in an empty hospital room with three laptops hooked into the security cameras. Oh, and no one asks any questions about why three teenagers are hanging out with laptops in an empty hospital room just after their friend died.

The two mothers sit out in the parking lot to watch who enters the building, and Melissa can't help but wonder why they ask their kids to fight these kinds of fights. According to Kira's mother, they'd be asking them to run and hide otherwise, which is really the safer plan. Well, that's when Liam and Kira, with her sword, run off to the roof to check out why one of the cameras goes out, with Stiles acting like a better parent than Peter and telling them to come back immediately. That's going to be a problem, since there's a Berserker up there, and they've had zero luck against those things.

With the power out in the building (which only happens when they're attacked by supernatural creatures, as Melissa explains), Stiles stays with Scott in the morgue while Liam and Kira fail against the Berserker again. Kira remembers her conversation with Scott planning to go out on a first date after all the dying has stopped, so never as long as they live in Beacon Hills. While Melissa and Kira's mother run from a Berserker in the hall, Argent and Stiles deal with Kate in the morgue. She wants Scott's body, but refuses to tell them why, and Argent seems to convince her to let them stick to their plan because she leaves and joins Peter in the sewers to tell him he was right and he's still alive. "Thank God," Peter replies, which has to mean that he can still with whatever plan he has.

While everyone's dealing with their everyday problems in the hospital, Scott faces a series of nightmares that always leave him in the school hallway, with Liam tossing him something. In the first, he follows Liam into a classroom and uses his own name to unlock a list, this one with the assassins on it. Scott refuses to kill them, even as Liam tells him he's a predator. The Mute returns to tomahawk Liam to death. In the next nightmare, they're in the locker room when Scott comments that he has more fangs, with Liam attributes to being an alpha and becoming more werewolf. Scott's worried he's becoming more of a monster, and once again, the Mute attacks. In the final one, Liam throws him a bloody tomahawk, and the Mute tells Scott to let him show him how. He shows him how to swing the tomahawk, and Scott swings and swings until he's covered in blood.

Scott returns to the land of the living, but Kira's mother is hurt and being taken by helicopter to another hospital. Before Kira leaves, however, Scott reveals that he pretty much might have solved a big piece of the puzzle of the Benefactor. He thinks the Benefactor didn't show up because it's someone who knows when someone is or isn't dead: a banshee.

Speaking of banshees, Lydia's mother follows her up to the lake house because she's constantly going there and there isn't a boy involved. Lydia tells her she's trying to figure out something important and shows her the photo of Meredith and asks if she knows her. Yes. Then it's Lydia's mother's time for show and tell, and she takes out the urn holding her grandmother's ashes. Her grandmother died in Eichen House, where she ended up after she said she heard things. She also left instructions for Lydia to spread her ashes across the lake on her 18th birthday.

But here's the problem: the urn is filled with mountain ash. Lydia realizes that the whole building is made of mountain ash. That's not all; her grandmother also wrote down one last thing before she died, and she may not be dead because what she wrote is in code, like the dead pool list. Is Lydia's grandmother the Benefactor, or is that just too easy/obvious now?

Finally, since everyone seems to have forgotten about Derek because he doesn't even get a call, he's free for Braeden to give him a quick lesson in using guns and bending the rules since he's lost all his werewolf abilities (including glowing eyes of any color). That leads to him "learning to bend," a.k.a. kissing her.

"Teen Wolf" season 4 airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on MTV. What did you think of episode 8 "Time of Death"?

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