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'Teen Wolf' 'The Divine Move' recap: Familiar struggles and more pain

'Teen Wolf' season 3 finale "The Divine Move"
'Teen Wolf' season 3 finale "The Divine Move"

Still heartbroken over the big death in "Insatiable"? Unfortunately, in the Monday, March 24 episode of "Teen Wolf," the season 3 finale, "The Divine Move," things don't get any easier.

This "Teen Wolf" episode begins with Scott, Isaac and Lydia at the police station, facing questions about Allison's death. Argent coached them about what to say – two guys in masks tried to steal the car, just say, "It happened so fast" – explaining, "It's what we do." Poor Argent.

Meanwhile, Noshiko gives Stiles tea – not magic tea, just chamomile – to calm him, and Kira's parents decide to give him and Kira a lesson in the "divine move," an out-of-the-box move, which is what they need to do to win. They also need to go talk to Deaton about what's up with the nemeton, since burying it there helped in the past.

After talking to the police, Isaac goes back to Argent's apartment with him, and while Argent may be able to compartmentalize his emotions, Isaac can't, so Argent hugs him. Argent really has come a long way.

While Derek gives the twins a pep talk about standing and fighting to earn their places in Scott's pack, Scott and Lydia find out from Deaton that the nemeton may not have the power it used to since it was cut down, its wood does – and that triskele box was made (by Deaton) from the nemeton.

Then all hell breaks loose in Beacon Hills, as Oni attack the station and the nogitsune Stiles shows up at the hospital with two Oni, looking for Melissa. The Oni slaughter everyone in their way, including the guy who thinks a metal tray is going to stop their swords. The officers shoot at the Oni, but like before, that does nothing. Melissa's busy trying to convince Agent McCall that having her tell Scott he left and sending a "follow-up email" is not the way to go to fix things with his son when they run into the Oni, and Melissa gets slashed – and there's black smoke coming out of the wound.

Amidst their grieving, Isaac tells Argent about Allison's unspoken message for him, and Argent brings up their tradition. That's when Isaac realizes that Allison used a silver arrowhead on the Oni, and once they check the weapons locker downstairs, they have their confirmation. Isaac also realizes that the silver needs to stay in the Oni to kill it, which was why Argent's bullet didn't do the job at his first deal.

Sheriff Stilinski brings out the shotgun, but that doesn't help, and he and Parrish both get slashed as more officers are killed. However, suddenly, the Oni are gone, but their wounds are smoking like Melissa's – and while the Oni have also left the hospital, there are too many injured there, as Agent McCall yells out for help and Melissa tells him to promise he'll make it work with Scott.

In case you didn't know how dire the situation is, Lydia gets the feeling that they're running out of time, as does Stiles, and they, along with Scott and Kira head to the school to meet Derek with the triskele box. But once there, they find themselves in a wintery garden instead of a school hallway, and Derek and the twins face off with the nogitsune Stiles and two Oni outside the school.

The bandaged nogitsune shows up in the garden, reminding Stiles of his promise: "We're going to kill all of them, one by one." He tells them that they're between life and death (bardo), and not only is Stiles dying, but everyone he care about is dying too, at the station, the hospital, the clinic… Yes, Deaton joins the list of those slashed by Oni and left with wounds oozing black smoke.

So what can Stiles do? He can let Scott kill him because of some ritual, because if he doesn't, everyone who has been touched by an Oni's blade will die. While Scott and Kira fight the Oni, Lydia says it can't be real, and it turns out that she's right because after Kira loses her sword and Stiles picks it up, he looks into the blade and sees a textbook and a desk behind him. He has one move left: "a divine move."

It's all an illusion, and he tells the others to stop fighting. The Oni slash at them as they move forward, but with one push to the bandaged nogitsune, they're in the school hallway, and those slashes are gone. However, that's when the nogitsune Stiles shows up and tosses Scott and Kira aside. "This is my game! You think you can beat me at my game?"

Meanwhile, outside, they're trying to get to the box to get it to Scott and the others, but the Oni are in their way. That's when Argent shoots an arrow into one of them, killing it. Isaac grabs the box and runs, but when Aiden picks up the last arrow after it misses, he's stabbed as he kills the Oni.

Here's where that scroll comes in, as Lydia points out to the nogitsune Stiles that they can change the host. "Can't be a fox and a wolf," Stiles explains, and Scott bites the nogitsune before Kira stabs it with her sword. The fly flies out of his mouth and into the box Isaac's holding, and the nogitsune breaks apart into black smoke. Melissa, Deaton, Sheriff Stilinski and Parrish are fine, but Stiles collapses…only to come to with everyone over him. He's fine.

But Aiden's not, and he dies with his twin holding him. By the time Lydia gets outside, it's too late. The twins may have done more than their fair share of causing pain, but it's still a tragic death and it's still sad to see Aiden die as Ethan cries.

After that, it's just a sequence of scenes, with Melissa hugging Scott, Isaac leaving Argent's apartment with him, Malia becoming a new student and Scott beginning to teach her. Oh, and Ethan tells Danny he's leaving, but it's okay because while he likes him and he's incredibly good-looking, he doesn’t want to date a werewolf. "Dude, it's Beacon Hills," Danny says, and he wins everything. Deaton tells Scott about the "regression to the mean," meaning that things always even out. Things can't always be good or bad.

But here's the final twist. Derek tells Stiles about a nightmare, which begins with the hunters that had him and Peter breaking into the loft and asking about the she-wolf – and not Cora. A smoke bomb causes chaos, and someone shoots him. Derek tells Stiles about myths concerning turns people into werewolves, such as with a scratch if the claws go deep enough. Let's bring it full circle back to the question of dreaming and being awake, as Derek admits he doesn't remember waking up from the dream. So let's count fingers, Derek. Oh, and Stiles has six. In his loft, Derek falls, gunshot to his chest, and looks up to see Kate. "If seeing me is a surprise, watch this," she says and turns into…something.

"Teen Wolf" season 4 premieres June 23. What did you think of the season 3 finale "The Divine Move" and the latest death?

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