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'Teen Wolf' 'The Benefactor' recap: Full moon madness

'Teen Wolf' season 4 episode 4 "The Benefactor"
'Teen Wolf' season 4 episode 4 "The Benefactor"
MTV, via Twitter

The Monday, July 14 episode of "Teen Wolf," 404, "The Benefactor," sees Scott try to figure out how to deal with Liam after biting him. Meanwhile, a few other freshmen are introduced, Lydia becomes the unwilling host of a party but discovers something much more important and everyone deals with the full moon. Plus, Argent and his beard win the episode.

While the teens of "Teen Wolf" are off dealing with the full moon and finding out a bit more about what's going on in Beacon Hills now, Sheriff Stilinski and Derek "expert on teenage cannibals" Hale team up to hunt down the Mute, with a bit of help from Deputy Parrish, who continues to end up right in the middle of the madness that is this town. Not only does Parrish recognize the military tomahawk that the Mute attacked Peter with has been modified, but he's also the one to use his computer skills to get them the handle name Benefactor and the message that the money has been transferred. Yes, they're dealing with an assassin.

They track the Mute to the school, because it's the high school's turn to the be the site of attempted murder. While Sheriff Stilinski is ready to arrest the Mute once they get him somewhat subdued, Peter is "a creature of habit" and tears into him before making his exit.

However, he's not the only assassin around. In fact, there's more to Liam's friends than meets the eye. After a guy delivers a keg to the underage party at Lydia's lake house, Violet follows the werewolf outside and beheads him with her necklace. When she gets back inside, Garrett shows her a text from the Benefactor that the money has been transferred. Now they can buy all the alcohol they want that they can't legally drink! They are not your typical high school students, so obviously they fit right in at this school.

As for Liam, he has his own problems, and it's probably not going to get any easier for him with his "friends" assassins and him likely ending up on that supernatural hit list. Scott doesn't exactly handle biting someone for the first time very well. He kidnaps Liam, uses a whole lot of duct tape and leaves him in his bathtub. Stiles doesn't help when he starts talking about the possibility of Liam dying from the bite, and Liam ends up running off. Scott makes it worse when he later starts a conversation by telling Liam they're brothers now and the bite is a gift.

But with the full moon that night, the pack decides to lure Liam out to Lydia's lake house with the promise of a party, which Kira does somewhat successfully after falling down the stairs. The only problem is that Liam actually invites his friends to the "party," so while everyone's partying it up in the lake house, Scott and Kira try to help Liam in the boathouse since their "intervention" failed. While Scott and Kira take a moment to test the alpha's control, Liam breaks free and Scott ends up chasing him down in the woods, only for Argent to show up in time with flash arrows and his beard to offer some much needed advice. "He's your beta," the hunter reminds Scott and then stands back to see how Scott does when he finds him.

This time, Scott does much better, explaining that the same thing happened to him and realizing that Liam doesn't want his family to see him "like a monster" like they looked at him after he took a crow bar to a teacher's car (which is why he was kicked out of his last school). That's when Scott tells him he's not a monster, he's a werewolf. "Like me," he explains, making his eyes glow. (In case Liam forgot about seeing him all wolfed out the night before?)

Meanwhile, Malia's still not completely under control during full moons, hence the cuffs, and Sheriff Stilinski chooses just the right moment to walk into his son's bedroom to see Stiles cuffing her. Stiles joins her in the basement of the lake house and refuses to leave even as she tells him to go and she breaks out of one of the cuffs. Instead, he tells her that he thins she's afraid of hurting him like she hurt her family, and he brings up his dark past from last season, which taught him "control is overrated." It works, and Malia finally has learned to control herself during the full moon. Just in time too, considering what's coming for them.

Finally, there's Lydia. Not only are her math notes not math, her computer is full of code, and she has no idea how to crack it – until she finds herself in a room upstairs in the lake house and plays a record of whispers on the record player and sees creepy faces pushing out of the wall. When Kira finds her, Lydia has figured out the key to breaking the code, and when it asks for the keyword, she types in "Allison." There's the Dead Pool, the list of supernatural creatures in Beacon Hills, and they're all on it.

"Teen Wolf" season 4 airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on MTV. What did you think of episode 4 "The Benefactor"?

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