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'Teen Wolf' season 4 trailer: New villains and more trouble in familiar places

'Teen Wolf' season 4
MTV, used with permission

"Teen Wolf" season 4 premieres this month, and on Wednesday, June 4, MTV released a new trailer, which features new footage, including the introduction of two new villains, but shows that some things do not change in Beacon Hills.

In case you forgot, season 3B ended with Allison being killed and dying in Scott's arms and the group finding a way to take down the nogitsune, and those are both shown at the beginning of the promo, just in case you thought it might be easier watching Allison die again. (It's not.) The season 3B finale also saw Derek getting a blast from his past in the return of Kate Argent, who's not just alive but has been through quite the change.

Now, when season 4 begins, the group is still healing from what's happened and trying to help Malia adjust. However, Kate's resurrection brings a new threat to Beacon Hills. Plus, get ready to meet another mysterious enemy, only known right now as The Benefactor. But is The Benefactor seen in this new trailer?

The new "Teen Wolf" season 4 trailer offers a look at some of the major players of the season – including Scott (his eyes glowing alpha red), Stiles, Lydia, Malia, Kira and Derek – and assures us that some things haven't changed, despite what has. There will be plenty of action sequences, and of course, there will be kissing, but who's involved? You can also get a look at two new creepy characters. Plus, it looks like there's going to be trouble at the hospital (yet again). Finally, it ends with Lydia pointing out to Stiles, "You seriously need to find something better than a baseball bat."

"Teen Wolf" season 4 premieres June 23 at 10 p.m. on MTV. What do you think of the new trailer?

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