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'Teen Wolf' season 4 finale promo and sneak peek: How will the pack save Scott?

"Teen Wolf" season 4 ends next week with episode 12, for which MTV released a promo and a sneak peek during this week's "Wolf Watch" on Monday, Sept. 1. How will the season end? Will the pack be able to save Scott?

'Teen Wolf' Berserker
MTV, via Twitter

In the latest "Teen Wolf" episode, "A Promise to the Dead," Peter and Kate made their moves. Peter stuck Argent into cement with a piece of rebar and left him to bleed out, until luckily Parrish found him, and together they worked to free the hunter. Peter then paid his daughter a visit at the lacrosse game and told Malia he found her mother, the Desert Wolf, but he needed her to do something for him: kill Kate.

Meanwhile, Kate and a Berserker interrupted Scott and Kira's date, beat them up and dragged them off to Mexico. Kira was thrown into a cell with bones, and Scott was strapped down for Kate to re-enact the myth of Artemis and Actaeon with him and his pack as she turned him into a Berserker.

Now, in the season 4 finale promo, Stiles reasons, "Scott and Kira have been kidnapped and taken to Mexico. That's a pretty good reason for a trip to Mexico." Fortunately, at least Kira seems to know that the Berserker is Scott, but will they be able to save him? And is that Mason getting hit by a Berserker (Scott?)? Plus, how concerned should we be about Derek?

The episode 412 sneak peek offers a look at a father/daughter road trip to Mexico. "I'm worried about everyone," Malia admits, but Peter cares more about if he needs to be worried about her because it's going to get "messy." When she says that Scott says they don't kill people, Peter asks if she thinks Scott would kill to save Kira – and would she kill to save Stiles?

"Teen Wolf" season 4 ends Monday at 10 p.m. on MTV. What do you think of the finale sneak peek and promo?

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