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'Teen Wolf' season 4 extended trailer: Who is The Benefactor?

'Teen Wolf' season 4
MTV, used with permission

If you thought the shorter promo for the upcoming fourth season of "Teen Wolf" was insane, the trailer MTV released on Saturday, June 7, makes that look like nothing. In fact, in order to unlock that trailer, you had to figure out 16 passwords. There is a lot going on in it, and the question everyone wants an answer to is this: Who is The Benefactor?

In fact, we've been wanting to know the answer to that question ever since MTV released this synopsis of season 4: "Still healing from tragic losses, Scott, Stiles, Lydia and Kira return to a new semester of school with more human worries than supernatural, while also trying to help their new friend, Malia, integrate back into society. But Kate Argent’s surprising resurrection brings a new threat to Beacon Hills along with the emergence of another mysterious enemy known simply as The Benefactor."

The new "Teen Wolf" season 4 preview opens with someone lying in a pool of blood, and that's just the beginning. There's a hit list of supernatural creatures, and these professional killers – "It's their profession," Stiles emphasizes – know about everyone. (Considering this is Beacon Hills, that's not exactly going to be a short list and it's going to include your favorite characters.) People are going to lose heads, families and who knows what else.

We also see Kate seemingly disappointed in these professional killers. "Big, fancy guns. Assassins. And not one of you can answer the simplest question," she says to them before "Who is the benefactor?" flashes across the screen. But is one of those assassins the one holding a gun to Stiles' head?

Lacrosse is back this season, and with it comes a look at a few new characters – including a performance that makes Stiles wonder just what they could be dealing with. "What is he, like a werecheetah? Does that even exist? Is that a thing?" Stiles asks Scott. On this show, anything is possible.

While some things are changing, other things aren't. There is still going to be trouble in familiar places, including the hospital for Melissa (whose bloody hand is that?), and with trouble comes the (unfortunate) chance for Lydia to use her banshee abilities. "Is someone in there going to die?" Sheriff Stilinski asks her. "Yes, and it's not just a feeling," she replies. Plus, there's still going to be romance, but there will be at least a couple of new couples in season 4.

"I don't want to keep watching people die," Scott says, but as Chris points out, he might not have a choice. What exactly has come to terrorize Beacon Hills now? How worried should we be about what Peter's "I'm a creature of habit" means for what he's planning to do? And what's with those faces coming out of the wall?

"Teen Wolf" season 4 premieres June 23 at 10 p.m. on MTV. What do you think of this new trailer?

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