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'Teen Wolf' season 4 episode 3 preview: Meet the new lacrosse player

Just as they solve one problem on "Teen Wolf," more pop up, and there's even more trouble coming the pack's way in next week's episode 403, "Muted," for which MTV released a sneak preview on Monday, June 30.

Dylan Sprayberry plays Liam in 'Teen Wolf' season 4
Jaimie Trueblood/MTV, used with permission

By the end of the latest "Teen Wolf" episode, Derek was back to being the Derek everyone knew (sort of). He wasn't a teenager anymore after fighting the Berserkers, but his eyes were yellow. Meanwhile, Peter found himself robbed of $117 million when someone mysterious (probably the Benefactor we've been teased about for a while now?) got into his vault and the safe inside under the high school. As for Kate, it's clear she still needs to learn control; just look at what she did to the gas station attendant.

In next week's episode, Scott's position on the lacrosse team is threatened. Meanwhile, Sheriff Stilinski investigates a murder. The "Muted" promo offers a look at one of this season's new characters, Liam, played by Dylan Sprayberry, and he's impressive on the lacrosse field. Meanwhile, something's going down at the hospital (is trouble taking a break from the high school for the week?) and Melissa is in danger. It's a good thing her son is a werewolf, but what is he going to be saving her from at the hospital? There is blood involved, which is never a good thing for the residents of Beacon Hills.

Elsewhere, Deputy Parrish continues to find himself in the middle of the strange happenings of Beacon Hills, and he and Lydia discover something. Finally, what exactly is that creature without a mouth at the end of the preview? We've seen it before, in other promos and in the opening credits on Stiles' board, and we know that there is a supernatural hit list, the Dead Pool, this season, but how does he fit into everything?

"Teen Wolf" season 4 airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on MTV. What do you think of this episode 3 "Muted" preview?

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