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Teen Wolf season 3 finale shocker: Dead Kate Argent returns

Fans of “Teen Wolf” were shocked last week when Allison Argent was killed. The decision to eliminate one of the characters was a heartbreaker. However, the intense storyline continued on Monday night as a character from the past was revived in "The Divine Move," and the fans were surprised. According to Zap2It, fans were surprised to see the season 3 finale have Kate Argent return as she was already dead.

To be fair fans will point out there were a few hints that Aunt Kate might be back. “Teen Wolf” did have a few hallucinations by Allison that gave hints and then there was another incident with the shooting that had people wondering. Yet, it was all different and larger than life when Kate Argent appeared once again.

While the set up for the next season seems to be ready to offer another intense storyline, so far the show has been tight lipped on what fans might see. Being that two big spoilers were revealed immediately, it might be closer to the next season before anyone divulges anymore secrets. Add to that, the show loves to surprise the fans and it will be a while until the show airs again. Until then, viewers can ponder the surprise to see Kate Argent again. It is a surprise that still is very impressive.

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