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'Teen Wolf' season 3 finale clip: Can Derek win this fight?

The nogitsune in 'Teen Wolf' season 3B
The nogitsune in 'Teen Wolf' season 3B

The season 3 finale of "Teen Wolf," "The Divine Move," is going to be intense, if the sneak peek E! Online posted Friday, March 21, is any indication, as Derek shows up to fight the nogitsune – and neither is alone.

"Teen Wolf" has already killed off one major character, as an Oni killed Allison in the penultimate episode, "Insatiable," but will everyone still alive make it through the finale? Will everyone involved in the upcoming fight teased in the new clip survive to season 4? It's not looking good for anyone on this show right now.

In one of the promos, we got a quick flash of the nogitsune Stiles sitting on steps with two Oni behind him, and now the new "The Divine Move" sneak peek shows who's coming to face him. That would be Derek, and he's not alone. Not only does he have that jar with the triskele on it, he also has the twins with him, and they look a lot better than they did when we last saw them.

"I've heard of an Alpha back, Derek, but not a pack of former Alphas. It's a little sad, isn't it?" The nogitsune comments. However, Derek's not going to back down. "I might not be an Alpha anymore, but I can still fight like one," Derek warns, and after that, there's roaring and sword swinging, and the fight is about to begin.

"Teen Wolf" season 3 airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on MTV. How do you think this fight is going to end?

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