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'Teen Wolf' season 3 episode 19 sneak peek: One wrong step

"Teen Wolf" season 3 continues next week with episode 19, "Letharia Vulpina," and on Monday, Feb. 10, MTV released a sneak peek during "Wolf Watch."

The cast of 'Teen Wolf' season 3B
Matthew Welch

In this next "Teen Wolf" episode, Scott and the others try to prevent a disaster, while Lydia and Allison find an unlikely teacher. The promo already shows a lot of crazy stuff is going down in next week's episode, and we get a shot of Coach on the ground bleeding, but how does he end up like that? That's where the "Letharia Vulpina" clip comes in, as it ends with just that.

But before the bad stuff, there is some good. Ethan tackles Danny mid-run because "I missed you." That seems to work because Danny kisses him back. Meanwhile, Scott catches Kira as they run towards one another, but they don’t have much time to comment on how fast she was running because they have to stop the others and Stiles runs over with Aiden and Coach.

Stiles brings the entire class to a halt as he pulls a chain out of the leaves, and the anticipation builds until…it's revealed the chain is attached to nothing. "Can somebody now please tell me what the hell is going on," Coach asks, but it's probably better if he doesn't know. Before someone can come up with something to tell him, he trips a wire and an arrow hits him. "Oh, crap," Coach says before collapsing. But did Stiles set that trap? He's not exactly the person on this show known for arrows, but that doesn't mean he couldn't have gotten his hands on one somehow.

"Teen Wolf" season 3 airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on MTV. What do you think of this episode 19 "Letharia Vulpina" sneak peek?

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