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'Teen Wolf' recap: The secrets and echoes within Eichen House

'Teen Wolf' season 3 episode 20 "Echo House"
'Teen Wolf' season 3 episode 20 "Echo House"

"Teen Wolf" season 3 continued Monday, Feb. 24, with episode 20, "Echo House," as Stiles checked into Eichen House. Last time, the nogitsune put both Isaac (electrocution) and Coach (arrow) in the hospital, framed Argent for murder (Katashi) and killed at least one officer with a bomb at the station. The nogitsune then fed off all the pain Scott had taken, and Deaton was able to poison, but couldn't kill, the fox.

This week's "Teen Wolf" began with Sheriff Stilinski bringing Stiles to Eichen House, despite Scott's protests. But Stiles didn't want to hurt him, and if they couldn't find something, he wanted his best friend to make sure he never got out. It was just for 72 hours, but for those 72 hours, there were no calls, no emails, and no visitors for Stiles, and the most heartbreaking part had to be Sheriff Stilinski protesting that he couldn't stay without his pillow because he wouldn't be able to sleep. But Stiles hadn't been sleeping for weeks, and with one last hug, the Sheriff could only watch a nurse lead him away and upstairs. He didn't even reach his room before he witnessed a patient hang himself in the stairwell and then saw the nogitsune downstairs.

Meanwhile, Argent and Deaton caught up, and between them, they knew a decent amount. There was a scroll that had information to help them exorcise the nogitsune, and the last guy who had it was the guy who met with Isaac. Argent knew Katashi would keep it on him, and Allison said she might know where it was when Deaton showed an example of what it might look like.

Stiles' first thought was to get to a phone, but it wasn't happening, even after the "accident" or "incident," as the nurse called it. (Neither word was any better than the other.) Either Stiles could go to sleep or be restrained, like his roommate, Oliver, who commented that there was a higher rate of suicides on Mondays and that everything echoed there, hence the nickname "Echo House." Stiles didn't sleep and instead sat up all night, claiming he couldn't sleep without his pillow when Oliver asked.

Once they could walk around, Oliver gave him a brief rundown of a few of the patients, as Stiles said he changed his mind about Eichen House being safe for him (or anyone) ever. He took note of one on the phone muttering about telling them the whole story and one of them standing behind her, but when Meredith walked away and Stiles picked up the phone, it was dead. Phones were turned off for 24 hours following a suicide.

Stiles spotted Malia, but when he tried to talk to her, she punched him and orderlies separated them. While the orderlies held him down, however, Stiles saw the basement, and when Ms. Morell, who had apparently given up on the high school students, showed up suddenly, he told her he'd been there before. Oh, and look, the kanji was still on the wall down there.

Argent and Derek may have been stuck in holding cells, but Derek still was able to hear that they were moving the evidence from Katashi's murder to a federal lockup. Then came the "if Stiles was responsible for these deaths, what would Argent do" question, and after telling a story about someone he couldn't help and had helped put down without remorse, Argent told Derek he'd feel remorse putting Stiles down, but not the nogitsune.

In group therapy, Ms. Morell brought up the topic of guilt and first turned to Malia about how it made her feel. It made her feel sick to her stomach. Stiles was a bit distracted seeing the nogitsune everywhere, including dressed as a doctor, and when Ms. Morell called on him, he said guilt made him feel nervous. When she saw the marks on his neck from the lichen, she immediately dismissed everyone else and brought him to her office, where she informed him that when the marks faded, the nogitsune would regain control and she'd have to do what she always did and "maintain the balance." Basically, Stiles better stay awake, so he should put those amphetamines she gave him to good use.

Oliver found Stiles as he was trying to get into the basement, and his roommate helpfully informed him that the head orderly was the only one with the key, and he kept it on him at all times, so he'd have to trick him. Well, luckily, this was Stiles, and he found help in an unlikely place: the bathroom. Malia showed in the guys' bathroom because their showers were better. After the awkward "no, I didn't see anything, well, I did, but I didn't, but the steam" conversation, he brought up the punch and she explained that she'd rather be in her coyote form. It wasn't exactly easy being around her father when she had accidentally almost eaten most of their family, and in exchange for him helping her with that, she'd help him get the key to the basement. Malia got into a fight with Oliver and passed the keys off to Stiles when the orderlies broke it up.

The others were also scheming, as Scott, Allison, Lydia and the twins met up to figure out how to rob an armored car, and no, there wouldn't be any attacking, even though the twins tried to bring it in at every step. Instead, they'd put a GPS tracker on it, set the twins' bikes up in the middle of the road like an accident, and distract the driver while Scott broke in the back door. You know, a normal teenager's night on the town.

Elsewhere, Argent received a visitor, the woman who had tortured Derek and Peter, and no, she hadn't passed the bar, and yes, he should be worried. "Hello, Christophe," she greeted him ominously.

Unfortunately for Stiles, the head orderly had a key to every other place in Eichen House and Beacon Hills but the basement, and he caught him trying to open the door. That earned Stiles a trip to the quiet room and a dose of Haldol. And a nap he really didn't need to take.

On his way out to pull a heist, Scott was surprised when Kira showed up at his door, determined to help. He argued that people who helped usually got hurt – though she probably could have figured that out for herself in just about a day in Beacon Hills – but she showed him what she could do with an Oni's blade and he couldn't really say no after that.

Stiles found himself trapped in a locker, with the nogitsune roaming around outside, telling him, "let me in," until Malia snapped him out of it. Her werecoyote strength came in handy because she was able to break him out of the quiet room, plus she knew another way to the basement.

Kira was able to get the GPS tracker on the car, but then Parrish showed up to get in and found the driver unconscious (or dead). Kincaid was already there and had Katashi's silverfinger. So the group confronted him and Scott told him they needed it, but since the scroll inside was worth millions, the cash in the briefcase wasn't exactly a great sell. Plus, he easily threw Kira and Allison to the side and Scott didn't exactly do so well facing him either. But when the twins showed up, it was a completely different story, and Scott had to stop them from killing him. Instead, Kincaid was to be left alive knowing that they were dangerous and not to come back because their goal was to save, not end, a life, and they did get the tiny scroll in the prosthetic.

Meanwhile, that woman was there to lecture Argent about the code and warned him not to abandon it so lightly. But he wanted to know why she was there. Was it about Allison? What was she fishing for? Well, this woman didn't fish. She hunted. Great, someone else to worry about in Beacon Hills.

Elsewhere, Stiles showed Malia the kanji on the wall, and telling her it meant "self" wasn't exactly enough information – and when he said she might not like him if he told her more, she reminded him she was a werecoyote who killed her own family. So they settled in and sorted through boxes of stuff about what they used to do at Eichen House – electroshock, ice baths, trephination (drilling holes into the head), the usual menu for a mental institution – and he had her check the lichen marks. Yes, they were fading. Oh, wait, not a good thing? Well, with the time Stiles had left, Malia checked off her first kiss and more in the basement. Good thing that couch was there?

After, she went back to check the kanji on the wall and noticed that the wall was hollow. Stiles broke through it and found a body. It was the nogitsune. (Apparently Stiles filled her in on everything while they unpacked boxes of papers about the old days of Eichen House.) She found a photo in a pocket, and Stiles recognized someone on it, but before they could go anywhere, Oliver showed up with a taser he had taken off the orderly and injected Malia with Haldol before picking up a drill. He bound them both to chairs before coughing up blood and a fly, which was not the most surprising or disturbing thing about that place, and the nogitsune joined the fun, taunting Stiles. All he ha to do was let him in and they could walk out of there. Let him in, and he'd let Malia go. And then, just as Oliver was about to put a hole in Malia's head with a drill, Nogitsune Stiles stopped him and knocked him out before smirking in his nogitsune way at Malia.

Scott brought the small scroll to Deaton, whose Japanese wasn't the greatest, but he was still able to figure out that what they needed to do was change the body of the host. That meant turning Stiles into a werewolf.

Malia was ready to leave Eichen House behind her, and Mrs. Morell told her she knew where to find Scott. And so Malia left, her eyes glowing blue.

"Teen Wolf" season 3 airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on MTV. What did you think of episode 20 "Echo House"?

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