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'Teen Wolf' recap of 'Illuminated'

Last week, fans watched as Kira lit up like a Fourth of July sparkler and the city went into a complete blackout. Monday January 27, 2014 fans watched as the city stayed dark and the authorities enforced a curfew for the teens. But when its dark, the kids still play. Instead of staying safe in their homes they threw a dark light rave at Derek's (who has been missing from the scene for the last couple of weeks - but following up on his own story line involving family) loft.

Cast of Teen Wolf 2012
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

All seems to be going well at the party, Stiles hooks up with someone (not Lydia), Ethan and Aiden even make progress in winning back their love interests, Isaac (who is still recovering from the attack of the shadow people last week) and Allison seem to be moving closer, and Scott and Kira make a deeper connection when she "moms" him (but this only happens after he breaks into the police station to help Kira delete photos that reveal her fox armor). But all these connections are short lived when the shadow people (who we discover from next week's teaser are demons and they also have a connection to Mr. Argent himself - one Argent asks Isaac to keep quiet about for 24 hours) attack the pack of misfits. Ethan, Aiden, Lydia and Derek are all attacked and they Isaac in the group of supernaturals that now have the number five tattooed behind their ears.

The "demons" are some tough competition and beat the pack down rather quickly, proving they are a superior force to be reckoned with. The only thing that saved the remaining pack members from attack was the rising sun which made the shadow "demons" disappear into black smoke. So what do you think will happen next week? Feel free to leave a comment below with your thoughts.

If you missed this week's episode you can watch it online at MTV's show page here.

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