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'Teen Wolf' 'Perishable' recap: The Benefactor is revealed

'Teen Wolf' season 4 episode 9 "Perishable"
'Teen Wolf' season 4 episode 9 "Perishable"
MTV, via Twitter

The Monday, Aug. 18 episode of "Teen Wolf," 409, "Perishable," sees Scott's pack learn a lot more about the dead pool list, including who's in control. Yes, the Benefactor is revealed, Derek wins a fight and Scott and his pack learn that music can be deadly.

A lot happens in this "Teen Wolf" episode. Printers go wild, someone turns out to not be dead, there's a great Stilinski family moment and apparently at Beacon Hills High School, a lacrosse team bonfire is a rave. It's an hour of printers, fire, researching and more, and those pesky financial problems are still hanging over the Stilinskis' heads, which leads to a really nice family moment in the hospital after Sheriff Stilinski gets shot while his deputies are fighting after one tried to kill the other for the money. "We're supposed to take care of each other," Stiles settles on after his father reminds him he's his son when Stiles brings up his medical bills from season 3B. But other than that, there's no time for any other nice moments like that because everything goes crazy.

Parrish gets brought into the fold a lot more after fellow deputy Haigh sets him on fire for the $5 million. This is why you don't let a co-worker know you make more than him. Parrish tries to plead for his life and can't believe he's just going to stand there and listen to him burn to death, but Haigh is prepared and he has his iPod with him. The only problem? While Haigh is waiting for word from the Benefactor about his wire transfer, a not-so-crispy Parrish walks into the station and attacks. This is why you make sure someone is really dead when you try to kill them; otherwise, they're going to be really, really pissed. "Kill not confirmed," the Benefactor's message (un)helpfully comes in a few moments too late.

With that, it's time for Parrish to find out that no, they're "not exactly" all psychics like Lydia, but he has a more important question: how easy is it to get the list? The answer to that? Apparently very since Liam's printer spits it out, with names crossed off and a couple of changes – Derek's off, Liam's worth $18 million now – and his isn't the only printer chiming in with a list. Coach's printer is using up all his paper and ink, while Stiles and Lydia work on cracking the code from her grandmother.

Speaking of Lydia, talk about getting a lot of information about her grandmother. Lorraine predicted the death of the woman she loved when she heard rain and thunder so loud it made her scream, but since she didn't know what it meant, she couldn't save Maddie. After that, she tried to find out, and that's why Meredith was at the lake house. Lorraine drove her insane in her pursuit of answers.

It's not until Stiles and Lydia focus on what she did with her grandmother that they figure out the code: they read "The Little Mermaid" every night. "You read that movie?" Stiles asks, and as the hashtag #ReadingIsFundamental pops up, Lydia informs him it was a book first. This is why these kids (other than Lydia) need to actually spend time in a classroom and not be running around dealing with everything trying to kill them every week. Lydia only responded to Ariel for a while, and her grandmother loved it. And so that's the name that unlocks the list Lorraine left.

On the topic of names predicted by banshees to unlock lists, after Derek tells Scott he's powerless, Scott tells him about his name unlocking the third part of the current dead pool, but he tries to downplay it like he could just be in danger. "Banshees don't predict danger," Derek tells him like he's talking to a first-grader. "They predict death."

All of this just happens to coincide with the annual lacrosse team bonfire, which is really just an excuse to have a rave on school property, and it's apparently a rave with no adult supervision except for the assassin security guards and the sketchy DJ since Coach leaves Scott in charge of telling him about everyone who drinks all of the alcohol that will be present.

Malia would rather get drunk and dance than talk about Peter and Stiles and Liam has also turned to the bottle to deal with his problems, with Mason cheering him on so maybe he'll tell him what's going on in his life, but maybe Mason should have a chat with Danny and learn that he's better off not being involved and staying on the outside even if he does know. Maybe Mason should talk to Danny anyway so we see him again since he disappeared after revealing that he knows about werewolves because he's not an idiot unlike most of the town.

Scott explains to Malia that hey, guess what, she's not going to get drunk, only that's what seems to be happening- and to Liam too, even though he didn't really have much. Then Scott begins to be affected by whatever it is, and just as he figures out that it's the music and tries to get to the DJ, the assassin security guards intervene and drag them into the school to burn them alive, the assassins' weapon of choice this week. (They can't all have a handy thermo-cut wire necklace like Violet.)

Fortunately, Mason comes to the rescue even though he doesn't know why he's coming to the rescue really and pulls the power on the DJ, and then Derek and Braeden, who had a nice chat with and broke the nose of Deputy Haigh, show up to take down the assassins, and yes, Derek actually wins a fight – and he doesn't even need the gun he now has since he's powerless. Also, Scott is covered in gasoline, as Derek reminds him when the alpha brings up the weapon. Is losing his werewolf abilities the best thing to ever happen to Derek?

Meanwhile, Parrish discovers that the new list that Lydia cracked with "Ariel" is a list of an already-dead dead pool, and everyone on that list, including Lydia's grandmother, were suicides at Eichen House. They need to get into Eichen to see the files, and that means bribing that annoying orderly, Brunski. As Lydia pays him $500, she notices the mix tape in his cassette player. He locks them in the Records room, tasers them and ties them up, but yelling isn't going to help since everyone in Eichen House is yelling for help.

Lydia realizes all those suicides were murders, and her grandmother left her a message because she predicted her own death. Brunski killed them because he believes that some people there don't need treatment, they need release, so he sees it as helping them. Oh, Brunski, don't try to explain yourself. It only sounds worse. Fortunately for Stiles and Lydia, Parrish kept looking through the incident reports for the names on that new list and noticed Brunski's name on all of them. He shows up in time and shoots the orderly before he can kill Lydia, but Brunski informs them that they're wrong to think he was controlling Meredith and killed her when she tried to help them.

What's really going on then? Lydia realizes he's not the Benefactor, and Meredith (surprise! She's alive!) confirms that. "No, and he wasn't on my list," she informs them. "But he was a bad person." Meredith is the Benefactor? "Teen Wolf" is definitely going to have to explain that a bit more; sure, Lorraine experimented on her and drove her crazy and Scott's pack was more than happy to use her to help their own causes, but there has to be more, right? Or maybe that is enough to make someone go crazy and evil enough to be willing to pay millions to rid the town of all things supernatural.

But what is Parrish? An obvious answer seems to be a phoenix since he survived being burned alive and could have risen from the ashes. Head to the comments with your guesses.

"Teen Wolf" season 4 airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on MTV. What did you think of episode 9 "Perishable"?

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