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'Teen Wolf' 'Muted' recap: Lacrosse and math, murder and massacre

'Teen Wolf' season 4 episode 3 "Muted"
'Teen Wolf' season 4 episode 3 "Muted"
MTV, via Twitter

The Monday, July 7 episode of "Teen Wolf," 403, "Muted," sees Scott's position as team captain threatened by a freshman lacrosse player, but an incident on the field during tryouts leads to something Scott couldn't have predicted. Meanwhile, everyone's looking into the massacre of all but one member of a family.

You know what's so good about "Teen Wolf"? It doesn't try to be something it's not. It is what it is, and some of the more absurd lines reflect just that. Someone who spent years in the form of a coyote wouldn't understand math, so why wouldn't Malia growl and claw out in the middle of class? Why wouldn't their lacrosse status be as important as major money issues once Scott and Stiles see the freshmen?

Why would Scott be worried about attending something like economics class when there's a family massacre to investigate, Stiles wonders. Why wouldn't being able to tip in a restaurant be the number one reason to study math, he suggests when forcing Malia to attend class. Why wouldn't Melissa and the Sheriff just casually mention giving their sons a day off from murder and massacre? Why wouldn't Scott tell Chris Argent that his sister is back from the dead via a text since he can't afford to call France? (Speaking of money, we get a nice mention of the Stilinskis' financial problems following Stiles' trip to Eichen House and MRI.)

And what better way to begin an episode about murder and massacre than with almost an entire family slaughtered by a man without a mouth but with a tomahawk and a bloody cat to complete the picture? The youngest son escapes and ends up in Melissa's care, while Parrish stakes out the house, only to find Lydia inside because once again, she's been drawn to dead bodies, and yes, there are more of them in the house. She finds a secret passage behind a wall with what looks like creepy faces screaming in the wood, and she and Parrish then discover a giant freezer with bodies hanging in plastic bags. Also, Lydia apparently gave Malia what should be math notes, but as Stiles discovers, it's a notebook filled with some sort of code?

As for lacrosse, Scott and Stiles do about as well as can be expected from two guys who were busy dealing with death, fighting a nogitsune, saving Beacon Hills from demons, taking a day trip to Mexico to save a friend and trying to figure out what to do with a teenaged Derek. New freshman Liam, on the other hand, is so impressive that Stiles not so subtly questions him in the locker room about his skills. Did he happen to go strolling through the woods for a midnight walk during a full moon? No, he's just that good. However, in an attempt to prove that he still belongs on the team as its captain, Scott takes Liam down hard and sends him to the hospital. Coach's frustration leads to Kira showing off her own skills and earning a spot on the team.

Since the school was the site of attempted murder and mayhem last week, all the action at the end of this episode takes place in and on the hospital. While Liam tells his stepfather doctor that he blames himself for going up against two juniors for his injury, Melissa finds Sean eating the deputy that should have been guarding him. Glowy-eyed, toothy Sean attacks her, and Scott attacks him, and when Sean runs off, he finds Liam.

Scott finds them on the roof and tries to offer to help, but as Sean puts it, "Wendigos don't need help. We need food." Liam ends up hanging off the roof, and with Sean holding Scott's arms, he bites the freshman's arm. Fortunately, then the mouthless being shows up to kill Sean and leaves with a creepy "shh" gesture for Scott. But Scott still bit Liam, and Araya did warn Scott what she would do if he turned someone…

Meanwhile, Derek and Peter negotiate with Braeden to have her find Kate – and she has a steep price, since it means going against her previous deal with the hunters in Mexico. Peter's upset when Derek basically promises her all their money because apparently it costs a lot to keep their very empty loft as bare as it is and "crazy psychopath" doesn't look good on a resume (plus Peter doesn't want a job because being Satan in a V-neck takes up all his free time), but Derek has more important problems to worry about, like his yellow eyes. "The true nature of someone is reflected in their eyes. In your case, the color of your eyes," Braeden tells him before going off to talk to people who would never talk to him.

Also, Kira's parents have decided that moving out of Beacon Hills is the right move because, well, they're smart. They have this little thing called a survival instinct. The only problem? No one told Kira, so she finds out when she finds the sign on their lawn. "It's a For Sale sign," Kira's mother explains, for some reason. "It lets people know your house is for sale." She sees it as a "win" that Kira didn't have to kill Stiles, and the move was supposed to be temporary, so why not get out while they still can?

Kira weakly tries to use her father's job as a reason to stay, but he had a much better job in New York (high school teacher at Beacon Hills where no one cares about classes or professor at Columbia, not a hard choice) and they know she wants to stay because of Scott. So how does Kira deal with the potential move? Well, the For Sale sign ends up in half.

Finally, let's talk about the romances on the show a bit. Scott and Kira are in that awkward "what are we?" stage, which leads to him giving her a "like you kiss your grandmother when you're five" kiss, but he does make up for it. After apologizing for the kiss, he follows up with, "You know what? I'm not sorry," and movie-style kisses her. (Kind of "The Notebook"-ish?) Meanwhile, Stiles and Malia seem to be drama-free relationship-wise and come up with a system to help get through studying: study first, kiss after.

"Teen Wolf" season 4 airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on MTV. What did you think of episode 3 "Muted"?

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