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'Teen Wolf' 'More Bad Than Good' recap: Regaining control

The cast of 'Teen Wolf' season 3B
The cast of 'Teen Wolf' season 3B
Matthew Welch

"Teen Wolf" season 3 continued Monday, Jan. 13, with episode 14, "More Bad Than Good." Last we saw everyone, Scott, Stiles and Allison were losing their minds, Sheriff Stilinski was looking into a car accident from eight years ago and suspected a werewolf was responsible, Scott maybe found the missing girl from that accident, and Derek and Peter were being tortured shirtless (because their tormented wanted something gorgeous to look at?).

After last week's "Teen Wolf" had the creepiest opening to date, this week's began with more torture for Derek and Peter, but at least this time we got to put faces to their tormenters. "I think it's a little high," Peter said of the electricity flowing through them. They wanted to know about something Derek denied knowing about, and then the chainsaws came out. These people were modernized; they didn't use broad swords to cut werewolves in half. A woman joined them, and she knew Derek and knew he knew what they wanted: the she-wolf. Derek insisted they didn't know a she-wolf, but she knew how to get Peter to scream (not sing, as no one ever wanted to hear him scream): cut off one of his fingers. She had nine more chances to get answers from him.

Meanwhile, Stiles showed Scott the coyote den he found, and Malia's stuff was there. But since they invaded her home, she wouldn't go back there, and while Scott had her scent, he was too worried he'd get stuck if he wolfed out with the door still open. So it was time to bring in Sheriff Stilinski, who wasn't exactly ready to believe the idea that Malia changed due to the full moon, caused the accident, and blamed herself for her family dying. "That makes sense. In a Chinese folk tale!" But then things got worse when Agent McCall showed up with Tate, and the agent thought getting answers was better than not knowing all the time. "It's just a little more complicated than that," Sheriff Stilinski told him when the agent insisted they'd find Malia's bones. Talk about an understatement!

The next day in school, Scott and Stiles turned to Allison, who was the go-to girl for all things coyote (apparently she read Coyotes for Dummies at night?), and she agreed that Malia wouldn't return to her den because coyotes hated wolves. Oh, and coyotes could tiptoe, so they were really quiet.

Kira then ran into Scott, reintroduced herself, remembered he knew that, and then got embarrassed by her father again (who read How to Embarrass Your Daughter at School and decided to do everything it said) when he came over with, "You forgot all that research you did for that boy you like." Research that took her a couple of hours to do on Bardo, and Scott just stood there and smiled. When class began, Kira's father called on Stiles to read out loud, and when the letters began falling off the page, Scott intervened and said he'd bring him to the nurse.

Stiles was so sure he was dreaming until he counted Scott's fingers and realized he wasn't. But how could they help anyone in their states? "We can try. We can always try," Scott offered, as though saying it out loud would make it true. They skipped the entire class, so Kira decided to make friends (find a way to talk to Scott where her father couldn't embarrass her) and bring them their bags, but she instead ended up being chased by the werecoyote into the locker room. Scott saved her by pushing rows of lockers on top of it, (normal for any high school teenager, didn't you know?).

Back with the tortured Hales, Peter just wanted some ice for his finger or an extra-large band-aid for his hand. That was when someone came to their rescue and took out all their captors: the girl who was hired to save Isaac. Deucalion hired her to get Derek. "Girl's gotta eat," she explained when questioned about working for him. But Derek refused to leave without something.

Tate just happened to show up at the locker room as Stiles and Scott looked at the doll, and even as Sheriff Stilinski pushed him out, he told him to "find that animal…find that thing." While Allison got her tranq gun, Scott, Stiles and Isaac went to Deaton for a tranquilizer used on horses. He only had three, so they needed someone who was a good shot – and Isaac wasn't so sure that was Allison at the moment. Plus, they still had to find the werecoyote. With all of the negativity Isaac brought to the table, Stiles asked, "What is the point of him? Seriously, what is his purpose, aside from the persistent negativity and the scarf? What's up with the scarf anyway? It's 65 degrees out." Yes, the scarf was back, even though everyone else was dressed for fall.

Isaac thought he was just asking what no one else wanted to, including, how to turn Malia back into a girl when she hadn't been one for eight years? Scott could do it as an alpha, but, well, he needed help. "I'm an Alpha with performance issues," Scott said. They needed someone to help, and the only ones they could turn to were the twins, even though Jennifer broke that part of them. But no one had seen them ripping their shirts off for weeks. Or not.

Scott, Stiles and Lydia went to the loft to meet the twins, who made a dramatic entrance by attacking Scott and delivering punch after punch in an attempt to get him to give in and let go, but he just let them hit him over and over and pass him between them. He was too worried about losing control, and if he did, his options were basically either becoming like Malia or worse, Peter. Scott made a pathetic attempt at an attack and just ended up bloody.

Allison's problems continued as she couldn't fill the syringe with the tranquilizer, and when she dropped the vial and picked it up, she found herself in the morgue, on a table for an autopsy, courtesy of her aunt and a few other werewolves. With their teeth. When she snapped out of it, she had her weapon trained on Isaac. "Better than ring daggers," he said and suggested she show him what to do considering she had problems holding a vial.

Everyone met up in the woods to track down Malia, while Sheriff Stilinski discovered that Tate had set up traps all over the place, and he didn't exactly care if someone got hurt. "My kid died," he told him. Just as the Sheriff was dragging Tate out to disarm all his traps, he realized the werecoyote was in the house, saw it outside with the doll, and took chase with his gun. When they heard gunshots, Scott sped off, and Isaac took off on foot, Allison following with the gun.

Stiles called his father and found out Malia had taken the doll again and realized that doll had to mean something because why else would she keep going back for a doll that creepy with dead soulless eyes? After looking at the photo of the sisters again, he realized it was Malia's sister's doll and where she was going. But that answer would have to wait.

While Scott drove right past one of the traps, Isaac stepped in one and went down screaming. Scott heard him and crashed. Isaac spotted Tate, but Allison's hands were shaking too much and she missed when she took the shot. But fortunately, with a little encouragement from Isaac and the right French words, Allison pulled herself together in time to tranq Tate before he could shoot his own daughter, but Malia was gone.

That was okay though, because Stiles left Scott a voicemail to let him know where she was going: the car. She had left the doll at the car for her sister, like flowers from a grave. After that call, however, Stiles had a much more immediate problem: Lydia stepped on one of the traps, and if she moved, it was going to snap.

Lydia told him to just read the warning label on the bottom. "Animals can't read," she explained when he wondered why there would be instructions about how to disarm a trap on the trap. But there was a major problem: Stiles couldn't read either. Then it was time for Stiles' emotional tether to be the encouraging one. "You're the one who always figures it out," the one too smart to waste time with instructions (especially ones that might as well have been in another language). Stiles did manage to figure it out, and Lydia removed her leg just in time.

Meanwhile, Scott chased Malia to the car, and he too managed to overcome his main problem as he wolfed out and roared when facing off with Malia. When Isaac heard it, he ripped apart the trap around his leg and Malia backed down and turned back into a girl. So the Sheriff brought her home to Tate, and it was a sweet father-daughter reunion. Well, without the awkward conversation that might have followed. "Sorry I tried to kill you and all when you were a werecoyote just trying to leave something at the only grave of your sister's you could visit."

The good news continued, as Stiles could read again and Agent McCall got his boxes out of the Sheriff's office. Wasn't that such a satisfying closing of a door?

Meanwhile, the Hales and the rescue girl found the box they were looking for, but there was one problem: mountain ash. The girl had to open it and dig inside for the object: something with the triskele on it. Elsewhere, someone removed a plant from the nemeton and fireflies – a whole lot of them – flew out and formed these black foggy things.

"Teen Wolf" season 3 airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on MTV. What did you think of episode 14 "More Bad Than Good"?

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