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'Teen Wolf' 'Monstrous' recap: Are they all violent creatures?

'Teen Wolf' season 4 episode 10 "Monstrous"
'Teen Wolf' season 4 episode 10 "Monstrous"
MTV, via Twitter

The Sunday, Aug. 24 episode of "Teen Wolf," 410, "Monstrous," sees the end of the Dead Pool, which means the focus can shift to something else: Peter's plan. Plus, it helps that Argent has a giant empty space for everyone to gather and wait for a big fight.

Everyone is kind of working together in this "Teen Wolf" episode, but for some that means being right at the center of a major fight, while for others, it means trying to put the pieces together in time to save them. As they learn, this all goes back to the beginning – a beginning that not even the person responsible realized was responsible – and all it takes is a little bit of damage to a house to put an end to the list. In a way, this episode feels like it's more setting up the end of the season than anything else, even though it does seem to bring an end to the Dead Pool. Now, we're left with questions about Scott and Peter.

Liam seems to have realized that he's only a freshman and maybe dealing with assassins isn't normal teenage stuff, and it really doesn't help that when he asks Scott how they're all still alive, the alpha replies, "not all of us are." So Scott takes a detour to drop Liam off at home before joining Kira and Satomi's pack at the animal clinic. (However, don't you have to wonder why Liam's suddenly all safe at home? Are their homes in some sort of protective bubbles where the assassins won't try to attack?)

Meanwhile, Sheriff Stilinski, Parrish and Lydia have Meredith in custody, but she's not talking, not even when Lydia tries her hand at interrogation. She'll only talk to one person: Peter Hale, who first has to wrap his mind around the fact that she's the Benefactor. "Not to question the unquestionable sterling reputation of your department, but are you absolutely sure you go the one?" He asks Sheriff Stilinski, to no one's amusement. But it's when he does talk to Meredith that answers are revealed. It turns out that after Meredith's trip to Lydia's lake house, she was brought to the same hospital where Peter was post-fire, and they just happened to be recovering in neighboring beds. She heard all of his thoughts, and yes, he planned all of this in a coma without realizing it.

That earns him a gun pointed at his face, and Peter has to plead his case to the Sheriff. "She was listening to the ranting and raving of a lunatic," Peter argues. "A former lunatic. I'm much healthier now." Besides, how exactly would the Sheriff explain this all to a judge, Peter points out. "Telepathic girl overhears thoughts of comatose werewolf" and that's just the last straw? As Peter walks out, Meredith yells that it's not finished yet.

Lydia gets a bit more information from Meredith, who reveals that she knew it was the right time to start over when she heard Lydia scream for Allison. But why Peter? Well, her response sounds very familiar. "He's the Alpha. He's always been the alpha. He'll make it right," Meredith explains. "It never was with us. Too many people died because of us. We're the monsters. Even banshees. Even me." Lydia doesn't believe that and argues, "not all monsters do monstrous things," like Scott, like her.

Elsewhere, while stuck in the hospital for a possible concussion, Stiles sends Melissa on an impossible search: for a tape player. Yes, for cassettes. She doesn't find one, but she does bring Malia in to see him, so it's time for them to catch each other up about their days. Oh, she was almost set on fire. Stiles? Well, Brunski was a serial killer – "makes sense," she comments. With the door locked ("I owe this hospital enough money," Stiles says, stopping Malia from breaking the lock), they're forced to talk out their problems, first in a roundabout way and then more directly, and after they establish that they like each other a lot, they get down to work and figure out that Lorraine was in the lake house, thanks to Malia's were-coyote hearing and her cassette tape.

Once at the lake house, Malia still hears spinning after Stiles turns off the record player, and after tearing a huge hole in the wall (so much for selling that lake house), they find the very machine running the Dead Pool. After realizing that the wine that was spilled on the carpet isn't actually wine, they find the key to unlock it and boom, Dead Pool contracts terminated.

That's just in time too, because it happens in the middle of a huge fight between Scott and Satomi's packs and the latest group of assassins. There's lots of gunfire, there are smoke grenades and claws and fangs are out, and the message that ends the Dead Pool comes just as Scott's more wolf than we've ever seen him, clawing at one of the assassins.

So yes, the Dead Pool seems to be over, but that means Peter can focus on his plan (and the show can focus on Peter's plan): kill Scott McCall. Finding out that he's responsible for all the hell everyone has been going through isn't something that's going to change Peter's mind.

"Teen Wolf" season 4 airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on MTV. What did you think of episode 10 "Monstrous"?

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