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'Teen Wolf' 'Letharia Vulpina' recap: Never trust a fox

Dylan O'Brien as Nogitsune Stiles for 'Teen Wolf' season 3B
Dylan O'Brien as Nogitsune Stiles for 'Teen Wolf' season 3B

"Teen Wolf" season 3 continued Monday, Feb. 17, with episode 19, "Letharia Vulpina." Last time, Dark Stiles (that pesky nogitsune) took over after Stiles spent the episode struggling with himself, Allison did what teenagers never do and turned off her phone and collected voicemail messages in Japanese about an internment camp that never existed, Lydia questioned her abilities when she couldn't find Stiles, and a live wire came swinging from the roof of the hospital towards Kira.

This "Teen Wolf" episode began with Deaton playing wolf doctor, or so the son of the nogitsune from Mr. Argent's flashback thought. He declared a wolf may have been poisoned, all so he could get his hands on the Letharia Vulpina growing all over the fountain where the nogitsune had been killed. It was poisonous to wolves and foxes. "There's a fox hiding inside a teenage boy, and I am going to poison it," he explained.

At the hospital, an ambulance crashed into a fire hydrant, Isaac pushed Allison out of the way and ended up getting electrocuted, and Kira ran up a car and jumped right into the middle of the scene, grabbed the wire, and put it out, her eyes glowing. But there was a major problem: Isaac wasn't breathing.

After that came flashes of what happened that night – Isaac in the hospital, Kira's mother pulling Kira away so no one else could see, a report that Stiles' Jeep left the hospital, Agent McCall noticing the wire was cut – before Scott asked his mother if there had been any news. Stiles was still missing. And Isaac? Melissa suggested they go see him at the hospital.

Sheriff Stilinski had to sign for packages of supplies for the next blackout, and considering we knew an explosion was coming, those packages might as well have been screaming, "At least one of us is a bomb!" Then Agent McCall interrupted to ask if he'd had any issues with the Yakuza, specifically, Katashi.

Scott and Melissa found Allison asleep outside Isaac's room; they wouldn't let him in because she wasn't family, even though she tried to explain he didn't have any. "He's got us," Melissa said and took out her keycard to let the teenagers in. Isaac wasn't looking good and he wasn't healing. He was in pain, and Scott took some of that away, but still, he wasn't healing.

Scott couldn't do anything about that, but he could work on figuring out how to get the nogitsune out of Stiles, so he turned to the new resident kitsune expert: Kira. She explained that someone must have really offended the nogitsune. While Coach ordered everyone to sign a card for Isaac, Scott and the twins headed for the basement upon hearing one of Mr. Argent's emitters and found Stiles waiting, insisting he was himself. That didn't stop the twins from charging at him, and Scott had to pull them off Stiles, who showed them the nogitsune's bag of tricks. He had been up to a lot.

Elsewhere, Lydia was surprised to see Peter chatting up her mother, apparently pretending to be with the health department looking to set up hearing tests, with a card that was just his phone number. Right, Peter. Be more obvious.

In Nogitsune Stiles' bag was a map for the cross-country trail, including where Tate had left his traps, and while Kira sped by Danny, Ethan tackled him and distracted him with a kiss, while Stiles yelled for everyone to stop. He pulled out a chain from under leaves, which led to…nothing. But the wire that Coach tripped led to an arrow in him, and after moving everyone back, Scott took some of his pain until he passed out and the ambulance showed up.

Meanwhile, Mr. Argent came home to find his door open, an emitter stuck in his desk, and a very angry Derek waiting. However, he wasn't the one who left it in his loft. He was too busy trying to find Stiles. Derek wasn't the only one who had something left in his place; the briefcase full of money for the sale they never completed was in his office. That was when Agent McCall came in, with Katashi's silver finger, and announced he was dead.

Lydia did the smart thing and brought Allison with her to see Peter, who seemed to be her only chance to get some help, even though she knew he wanted something in return. "The hunter and the banshee," he greeted them. After going over everything Peter had done to Lydia and Peter pointing out that since he was back, he could help her master her abilities, they got down to business. He explained that Lydia's scream just helped her drown out the noise so she could hear, and he could help her focus that hearing. Yes, he wanted something in return, and that was where Talia's nails came in.

Mr. Argent and Derek ended up cuffed outside Sheriff Stilinski's office at the station, and Mr. Argent knew there had to be more to why they were there than Stiles framing them for murder. (He was right.)

Stiles and his father's reunion was cut short when they realized that there was another present-wrapped bomb on a bus – and Jared was the one left holding it. Fortunately, Parrish served in the army for two years and declared he would go see if it was real, so while he distracted Jared with his eyes and good looks, he opened the box and found Sheriff Stilinski's nameplate inside. That was when the Sheriff realized where the bomb was: the package in his office.

Peter explained that Talia stole a memory from him before she died, and it was locked in those claws. He needed Lydia to focus because her hearing was tuned to a level of the universe no one else could hear. After a couple of threats, it worked, and Lydia declared that Peter wasn't just an uncle. She claimed she didn't know anything else, and Allison zapped him before leaving him lying on the floor, but in the car, they each pulled up a photo on their phones: Peter and Malia. Peter was Malia's father?!

It was a good thing no one at Beacon Hills seemed to care too much about reading books in classrooms since Kira's father was hiding something pretty big in one in his room, as Kira discovered when she spied on her parents through the window in the door. Kira's mother was willing to sacrifice all of "them," and she released more Oni, which she declared would be much stronger.

Just after saying he wouldn’t risk his life to save Mr. Argent, Derek realized what was going to happen moments before the bomb went off while the sheriff's station panicked after Sheriff Stilinski realized what was going on, and he dove on top of Mr. Argent and saved his life. When Scott and Stiles arrived on scene, Stiles asked his friend to take a deputy's pain away as he lay dying, but it was too late and then Kira showed up to tell them the Oni were coming. So they headed to the clinic for temporary protection.

However, the Oni showed up in the alley, and Kira joined Scott in fighting them off – and she was good as she took them down. She got her hands on one of their weapons and after one stabbed Scott, she kicked it back and helped Stiles get him inside. However, once inside, Stiles stopped Kira from pulling the weapon out of his friend and knocked her out. Hello, Nogitsune Stiles.

He twisted the blade over and over and explained that the nogitsune feeds off chaos, strife, and pain. All that pain Scott had taken from Isaac, Coach and the dying deputy? He wanted it, and he took it. Scott should have known better than to trust a fox. He had been in control the entire time. Then it was Deaton to the rescue! (Sort of.) He injected Stiles and pulled the blade out of Scott, but the nogitsune was just poisoned, not dead. Not yet.

"Teen Wolf" season 3 airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on MTV. What did you think of episode 19, "Letharia Vulpina"?

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