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'Teen Wolf' 'Insatiable' recap: A hero falls

'Teen Wolf' season 3 episode 23 "Insatiable"
'Teen Wolf' season 3 episode 23 "Insatiable"

The Monday, March 17 episode of "Teen Wolf," 323, "Insatiable," sees the big death that's been teased for a while now, and it's as heartbreaking as it could be.

This "Teen Wolf" begins with Deaton extracting the flies from the infected werewolves in the school showers in a way that must be painful because they struggle like crazy even as he tells them not to. But they have a bigger problem: this was obviously just a distraction, and there are two Stiles out there. So which is which? They get that figured out pretty quickly when Stiles has Noshiko bring the Oni to Scott's and check him, and he joins the marked club.

After that, everyone splits up, and while the nogitsune taunts Lydia in the tunnels of Eichen House – "You won't have to [tell me anything]. You'll be screaming," he warns ominously, and later tells her, "I eat what you feel, and I'm insatiable." – Noshiko forces Kira to sit down and learn how to play Go, the Sheriff and Stiles reunite (Stilinski hug!) and more time is spent on Parrish in a way that suggests there's more to him (he felt drawn to Beacon Hills and didn't care that everyone in this town dies), Derek and Argent become buddies again, and Scott, Stiles and the Sheriff realize that Meredith's key, especially when they learn that she wouldn't stop screaming. Hello, banshee. But she's escaped, so checking Eichen House for her is just a waste of time.

Isaac and Allison find Lydia's car and take a moment to have a really awkward conversation about whether he was himself the other night and if she wanted it to be someone else, but anything further than that is put on pause when Allison finds a note on the window: "Don't find me."

Meanwhile, Coach has to deal with hospital bills from when he was shot in the stomach with an arrow and decides to make that the lesson of the day – until Danny points out that Meredith's sitting in the back of the classroom. While Scott is trying to help Stiles, who's in pain and freezing, Kira calls to let him know, and Coach tries to get through to Meredith. She explains that she's trying to help, she heard them screaming, which happens when someone's about to die. Oh, and they're all screaming right now. So in case you forgot, someone's dying in this episode.

Kira tries to get Coach to stall the orderlies when they come for Meredith, but first, she has to tell him who she is because he's never seen her before even though she was running in the woods that time he was shot with an arrow. It turns out the Coach has a history with the head orderly, who has a bit too much fun making fun of him, so the Coach has some fun back, using his taser on him and letting Scott, Stiles and Kira leave with Meredith, who's having trouble understanding what the strings of the piano are telling her. Go Coach!

Argent finds Allison in their weapon hold (which is presumably in the basement of the building? Maybe?) fiddling with her crossbow, trying to do something to help with the wait. He stops her and instead gives her the hunter version of a diploma, which comes down to making her own silver bullets. However, Allison being Allison, she's making a silver arrowhead instead because that's her weapon. Then comes the conversation that pretty much seals her fate as she begins the "if something happens…" and her father assures her that he's going to be around for a long time. She just needs to know she told him she loves him and she's proud of him, them.

Scott and Stiles bring Meredith to Scott's house, but Agent McCall's there waiting with Isaac because he's decided now is the time to talk to his son and he's not going to wait any longer. McCall finally reveals why he left: the night before Melissa kicked him out, Scott's parents were fighting, and Scott got in the middle, ended up falling down the stairs, hit his head, was out for 20 seconds and woke up and didn't remember a thing. Anyone else find that a bit anti-climactic after waiting all this time to get that answer?

Upstairs, Stiles and Isaac try to get Meredith to tell them where Lydia is, but she just says she doesn't want to be found. That's not good enough, so they have her try to focus again, and Stiles decides to take the lead since he has more experience with banshees. Finally, Meredith hears something over the phone, and while they don't understand what she says, Scott, who tells his father not to bother apologizing and just to go about being the father he's been who's been MIA, says it's French (another sign Allison's time is limited?). He calls Allison to tell her they know where Lydia is.

Kira's father tries to get her to see Noshiko's side, explaining she wanted to keep their daughter out of this for as long as possible before turning back to the game Go. There are different styles of play (aggressive, passive and orthodox), and he's not so sure that Noshiko's stones represent the nogitsune. So where is Noshiko while her husband is taking over the Go lesson? At Oak Creek with the Oni.

Elsewhere, the twins are busy running through the woods when they get shot with wolfsbane, and Derek comes to their rescue, bringing them to the coyote den and then to his loft with Argent. Derek shows Argent shells he found on the ground, and Argent seems to recognize them, but then Allison calls to tell him that she's going after Lydia, even as her father repeatedly tells her to wait for him. Yep, another sign that Allison's dying.

On their way in the Jeep, Isaac says what no one else wants to (yet again) and points out that Stiles just looks like he's getting worse. Scott then wonders what happens to Stiles if the other Stiles gets hurt, but Stiles doesn't care. He doesn't want anyone else to get hurt because of him. Meanwhile, Lydia tells the nogitsune she knows he's nervous and they're getting close, but he explains that's why he's keeping her so close. Uh-oh.

Once at Oak Creek, after a quick pep talk from Scott about how they saved a stranger, so they can save their best friends, Scott and Stiles head to find Lydia while Isaac, Allison and Kira face off with Noshiko and the Oni. The Oni go after the nogitsune, but when they find him, he breaks the tail and suddenly, they're under his command.

Lydia's not happy to see Scott and Stiles when they find her. They're not supposed to be there, and she wants to know who else is there. The three go running through the tunnels, but when Stiles collapses, Lydia stops with him.

Outside, the nogitsune watches with a smirk as Allison, Isaac and Kira fight the Oni, with Isaac getting slashed a lot until it looks like he's one sword swipe away from being killed until Allison intervenes with a perfectly placed arrow. However, that just puts her at the top of the Oni's hit list, and one stabs her through the chest. Lydia screams Allison's name, the Oni leave, and heartbreak ensues.

And heartbreak is the only word for Allison's death, as Scott's the one to catch her before she can hit the ground. Even dying, Allison just wants to know that her best friend is safe, and Scott assures her she is. He tries to take her pain, but he can't, because as she tells him, it doesn't hurt. It's too late. But it's okay, she says. "It's perfect. I'm in the arms of my first love. The first person I've ever loved. The person I'll always love. I love you, Scott McCall." Scott and Allison have their moment, and she couldn't have died in anyone else's arms, but unfortunately, it's too late for a goodbye for her father because she dies before she can give Scott a message and before Argent arrives on the scene, only in time to see his daughter dead.

Let's talk about the foreshadowing for a quick moment. Most of the episode seemed to have been leading to Allison's death – the conversation with Isaac settling things about that night but nothing for the future, her goodbye moment with her father "in case," the French Meredith heard, even Lydia's warnings not to come and what the nogitsune tells her seem to have pointed to this. Lydia could have known that her best friend's life was in danger, and with the nogitsune telling her that he eats what she feels, wouldn’t killing her best friend cause her the most pain?

That said, Allison's death is still very tragic. Even though we knew going into the episode that someone was going to die and the episode itself practically shoved it down our throats, it didn't help. Allison Argent and Crystal Reed will be missed on "Teen Wolf," and nothing could have prepared us for this ending.

"Teen Wolf" season 3 airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on MTV. What did you think of the big death in "Insatiable"?

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