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'Teen Wolf' 'Illuminated' recap: A dark turn and disturbing marks

Tyler Hoechlin as Derek in 'Teen Wolf' 3x16 "Illuminated"
Tyler Hoechlin as Derek in 'Teen Wolf' 3x16 "Illuminated"

"Teen Wolf" season 3 continued Monday, Jan. 27, with episode 16, "Illuminated." Last time, Isaac was locked in Allison's room with those masked figures after her father walked in on them with their shirts off, Kira saved Scott with her shocking power (and caused a town-wide power outage) when he tried to save her from the serial killer Barrow, and Derek received some sort of message from his mother.

This "Teen Wolf" episode began with kids crushing pumpkins when they noticed five masked figures all in black walking in the street, and instead of running, they stood there and just watched them. Isaac didn't do so well after his own encounter with the figures, as Allison and her father found him lying on the floor, and Argent had to trigger a change by hitting him to get him to snap out of it. They had come out of the shadows, and he had seen the eyes of one of them, describing them like fireflies. Argent seemed to know what that meant and asked them to keep it quiet for 24 hours. He thought there was a reason why they didn't kill Isaac, and that reason was they were after him. Could it be because of the mask he had in pieces in a box?

Meanwhile, Agent McCall tried to question Scott, Stiles, Lydia and Kira about what happened with Barrow, while Sheriff Stilinski sat behind him, very much amused and enjoying them giving him the runaround. All Agent McCall was left with knowing was that Barrow had hid in the chemistry room, had been left a coded message to kill Kira, had taken her to the power substation and tied her up, and somehow, there was then a blackout. Kira just wanted her phone back, and it wasn't just because she was a teenager. When she took a photo of herself at home with the flash, she was all glow-y.

Even with a power outage, they had to attend classes, and Stiles was confused when he looked at one of the keys on his keychain. He was distracted, however, when Scott tried to go talk to Kira, and instead, Stiles argued that they didn't know yet that she wasn't going to end up being a psychotic monster who tried to kill everyone. While school was still on, Danny's blacklight party was likely not, but the twins ended up deciding to help him by offering up Derek's loft. (Ethan thought that this was a way into the pack since Scott cared about people. Aidan joined in after Lydia called him a bad buy and reminded him that he had helped kill Boyd.) Derek was busy off dealing with trick-or-treaters, who knew enough to be apprehensive of the guy handing candy out of his car, and having fun with them by glowing his eyes and growling at them… until the masked figures surrounded him.

Kira had graduated from eating lunch in her father's classroom to eating it on the floor in the hallway. Scott found her, and while she said she didn't want to talk about it, she then showed him what happened when someone took a photo of her. They needed to get her phone out of the evidence room. That was where Stiles, who just thought she had naked photos on her phone since she didn't want Scott to tell anyone ("Oh. Good idea," was her only reaction to the lie), came in, with cloned keycards ("smarter" than stealing, he said) to help them sneak into the station. Her phone was dead, but luckily Agent McCall's laptop (with a photo of him and Scott on it) was sitting right there, as was a charger that worked with her phone. They had to wait for it to charge enough to turn on, and Stiles was left having to stall Scott's father. He told him he had a theory that whoever controlled Barrow was from the school, but they were already looking into that, thanks to Stiles' father's suggestion. Stiles was able to get in some strong parting words, however, as he told Scott's father he knew he didn't like his father because he knew something he didn't want him to know. And Stiles knew it too.

Mission accomplished, the three headed to the blacklight party, and wile Stiles began to tell Scott about the key, he was distracted when a girl came over, kissed him, and danced away. He followed and discovered it was Caitlin, whose girlfriend had died, and she seemed fine, probably thanks to all the alcohol. Scott and Kira were left alone to be cute and hold hands, until she noticed Allison noticing them and slipped away, but then Scott, eyes glowing red, found her in the crowd and saw her glowing like in the photo. Elsewhere at the party, as Danny had his body painted, the black figures flickered in and out behind him. When Ethan left to get ice, the figures found him as well, but they didn't leave him alone and instead trapped him in the small room with them.

Aidan tried to win Lydia over with fake fangs and telling her he helped set up the party, but it didn't work. While Isaac was all about not keeping things from Scott and wanting to tell him about the figures since he hadn't promised her father, Allison was successful in distracting him by taking off her shirt and asking if he wanted to paint her body. He did. Lydia watched the party craziness from the sidelines until she saw one of the figures in the crowd moving towards her. She yelled for Scott and ran outside, where one of the figures crawled out of the floor. She screamed, but another appeared behind her and held up a hand, silencing her, its eyes glowing.

Back inside, the party was still going strong. Stiles was distracted from making out with Caitlin when she commented on the phosphors on his mystery key, which meant he'd been handling chemicals, and he took off, but not before bringing her a bottle of water. Upstairs on the roof, Scott and Kira continued to be very cute as she "mommed" him and licked her finger to wipe paint off his face. She wondered how he was okay with the photo, and since he wasn't going around shouting he was a werewolf (and because, you know, they were being cute), he just said it didn't look that bad to him. She thought she looked like a demon from hell, but he saw it as armor, something protecting her, and said she looked like a fox. Hmm…

Allison and Isaac again almost kissed, but when she noticed something behind his ear, she dragged him into the back room to look and found the number "5." They then found Ethan, while Aidan and Danny found Lydia outside. Aidan carried Lydia over to a heat vent to warm her up, while Isaac broke Ethan's arm to trigger him. They also had "5" behind their ears, as did Derek, who roared. And Scott heard it.

With that, the party was over, and everyone cleared out of the loft, leaving the group to face off with the masked figures, which were all staring at Aidan. Scott and Derek (and then Isaac) tried to intervene, but there wasn't much they could do against figures that pulled swords out of their bodies and healed from a snapped neck, and Aidan too ended up with a "5" behind his ear. The figures then turned to Scott, who wolfed out and turned to look at Kira, who didn't run screaming (so there was a check for him). However, then the sun came up and the figures faded away. Isaac told Allison her father's 24 hours were up, but about Allison's father… He stumbled into his apartment, bleeding (!) and collapsed to the floor.

Finally, Stiles discovered that they key on his keychain did unlock the chemistry lab and the coded message on the board was in his handwriting. What have you been doing, Stiles?!

"Teen Wolf" season 3 airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on MTV. What did you think of episode 16, "Illuminated"?

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