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‘Teen Wolf’ fans overacted to Allison Argent death? Fans cried, whined

The “Teen Wolf” fans had a meltdown after their beloved character Allison Argent died in the arms of Scott, who she said was her first love. The character’s fatal ending has fans around the world rushing to social media and acting like their best friend has died. Some fans even posted YouTube videos sharing their emotions about the end of Allison’s character. According to Huffington Post on Tuesday, actress Crystal Reed suggested she had given everything to her character and decided to move on.

Wasn’t the response to Allison Argent’s demise a bit too much? It wasn’t like someone had really died. It was a character after all. With fans melting down online, people who were not familiar with the show might have thought it was a real person for as much sympathy a TV character got in a very disappointing ending.

While MTV fans definitely are a younger age than other show's fans, this response could be considered excessive. The memorial tributes on how this character made such impact with fans really was quite shocking too. Perhaps this hoopla is because the viewers of this show put too much stock into fake character and not enough admiration in people they know (like humans.)

Reaction to a character’s death might be a good thing, but did Allison Argent really make or break a viewer’s impression on life? That’s hard to say. However, if you listen to the fans, she was the best pal anyone could have ever known.

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