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'Teen Wolf': Dylan O'Brien and Shelley Hennig on Stiles and Malia's first fight

"Adorable" isn't usually the word you'd use to describe a couple's first fight, but it is in the case of a couple on "Teen Wolf" this season. We had the chance to talk to Dylan O'Brien and Shelley Hennig at San Diego Comic-Con about what's next for Stiles and Malia, and on Sunday, Aug. 3, we uploaded the video interview from the press room roundtable.

Dylan O'Brien and Shelley Hennig in the 'Teen Wolf' press room at SDCC 2014
Meredith Jacobs

Check out the video interview above or here. Keep reading for the highlights of what O'Brien and Hennig had to say about what's coming up for their characters in the rest of the season.

Yes, Stiles and Malia are going to have their first fight, and yes, O'Brien has described it as "adorable" more than once, promising, "you'll love it." "It's sort of like the first bump in the road that we see for these guys and we get to see them and how they handle it and go through it," he shared, with Hennig agreeing and adding that it's "probably different" from what you see couples experience on other shows.

Does the fight have to do with Peter? "That's an interesting thought" is all O'Brien would have to say as an answer. "I don't think Stiles is Peter's biggest fan." Hennig agreed: "You would be the last person who would want Malia to know." Stiles has a good reason for that. "He's really protective of Malia, especially when it comes to a guy that he has seen do evil and horrible things and knows that he is still that guy deep down," O'Brien explained. "The big thing with Stiles is he doesn't understand why we even let him around anymore, except for the fact that it's a show and he's a great actor so we had to keep the character. But Stiles doesn't get it."

While O'Brien would love to play supernatural again, he thinks they handled Stiles in 3B "in such a perfect way because you can't lose Stiles." He loves being the human in the show and "grounding the whole world," plus, "he can't really get bit and become a wolf because then everyone's a wolf."

Check out the video interview for much more from Dylan O'Brien and Shelly Hennig. "Teen Wolf" season 4 airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on MTV.

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