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'Teen Wolf' 'De-Void' recap: More tricks and chaos

'Teen Wolf' season 3 episode 22 "De-Void"
'Teen Wolf' season 3 episode 22 "De-Void"

The Monday, March 10 episode of "Teen Wolf" sees the nogitsune create plenty of chaos around Beacon Hills while Scott and Lydia try to find a way to save Stiles – by going in his head.

This "Teen Wolf" begins where last week's left off, and handcuffs and a taser are no match for the nogitsune. Argent then pulls out his gun, and then the Sheriff pulls his gun on him, and there's a whole lot of yelling until Allison realizes that they're giving it exactly what it wants: strife. However, the nogitsune actually lured them there so they could protect him from the oni, and when Argent goes to shoot at them, the gun doesn’t fire. By the time Scott and Kira arrive to help, the oni are gone and so is Stiles.

The nogitsune finds Noshiko in the Eichen House basement, and she tells him she used the kanji for self to signify that Rhys died as himself. He wasn't a monster like the nogitsune is. She may have her final tail with her, but he takes it and stabs himself. "Chaos has come again," he says as flies fly out of his stomach wound, and one goes to Isaac, who's still in the hospital. He wakes up, his eyes glowing yellow.

Kira has decided that staying at Scott's is a much better idea than going home to face her parents after everything she's learned, and while he tries to be a gentleman and take the chair, she's not concerned about his comfort when she has him get on the bed with her. They finally kiss, and a fly lands on the window as they settle down to sleep. Elsewhere, Allison, who removed the firing pin from Argent's gun (so it wasn't part of their plan when going to face Stiles, which is disappointing), finds Isaac waiting in her room, and he says he feels a lot better. They too kiss.

There's no romance for Derek this night, however. He's too busy trying to figure out the nogitsune's plays, and that means taking out a chessboard. However, Peter advises him against that. "It's not so easy to do when it's a game without rules," he says, explaining that the fox spirit is too old. Chess isn't the game of a Japanese fox. A fly flies into Derek's open wound from the oni.

The flies also find their way into Ethan and Aiden. For Ethan, it's while he's washing his face in the locker room before he goes to take a shower with Danny, and for Aiden, it happens when Lydia's GPS that wasn't on leads them to Stiles' body. Somehow none of these people feel a fly go inside them; Isaac's the only one with an excuse since he was unconscious.

When Allison wakes up, Isaac's too busy fiddling with her weapons for any pillow talk, and he's not interested in giving the twins a second chance. He leaves her cuffed to her bed and takes her weapons.

They bring Stiles to Scott's, and Deaton uses some kanima venom to keep him still. The nogitsune puts Aiden onto Ethan at the school, but when he talks too much, they duct tape his mouth. The nogitsune is able to trick Melissa with a few tears, but when she removes the duct tape, he just taunts her with the big family secret about why Scott's father really left. She called the Sheriff after it happened, and Stiles overheard. He didn't tell Scott because he knew Scott would never forgive her, that he'd hate her. The others are busy trying to figure out a way to save Stiles, and they don't even know if Deaton's Japanese was right. Plus, Stiles never asked to be a werewolf and what if the bite kills him? They need help, and Lydia knows someone who can: Peter, who is very smug upon arriving at the McCall residence. He does have a solution though: get inside Stiles' head. It's a war of the mind.

At the school, after Danny leaves, Aiden lurks in the dark corner, and Ethan blames his psychotic brother for why they're not in Scott's pack yet since Aiden kills everyone in sight. However, Isaac interrupts and attacks them both and knocks them out, without anything witty to say because he's not witty. He goes looking for a lighter in Coach's desk, planning to burn them for Erica, for Boyd, for everyone, but Kira and Allison interrupt. The girls end up locking themselves in the office, leaving the three werewolves to battle it out.

Lydia tells Peter she'll do something if he helps and Scott doesn't know about it, and then Peter reveals that she's going in with Scott to help Stiles gain control of his body. Scott wonders if it's another trick, and Peter just automatically assumes he means him because he's, well, Peter and why would he be helping them? "When are you people going to start trusting me?" He asks. No, it's the nogitsune tricking people at the moment that they're concerned about, but it's nice to know that he thinks they shouldn't trust him. With that, it's into Stiles' head, and Scott and Lydia wake up strapped down in Eichen House.

Meanwhile, Derek finds Argent as he's leaving his apartment, shows him the claws he has and attacks him for his family burning his alive. "You burn my family, I burn yours," he explains as he pours gasoline on him after strapping him to a chair. But he's not going to burn him yet; he's going to wait for Allison to get home, and Derek is almost giddy with the thought. Oh, fly-possessed Derek.

Elsewhere, Sheriff Stilinski is removed from the action because he's busy facing a review board, and he probably doesn't need to ask which pile are his successes and which are his failures. However, the Sheriff has more important things on his mind than a review board, like his son being possessed by a dark fox spirit and maybe having the same thing his wife did or maybe it's a trick from the nogitsune, so he's ready to just leave when Agent McCall steps forward with a few words – and saves his job. "I don't think Sherlock Holmes could figure out half the bizarre crap happening in this town. This place is literally the Bermuda Triangle of homicides, disappearances and strange occurrences," he explains when the Sheriff asks why he helped him. Also, "kicking you out of a job is not why I came back here. It was an excuse to stay." He's in town to talk to Scott, and the Sheriff is completely behind that idea and advises him to just tell him everything the next time he sees him.

Back in Eichen House/the creepy mental institution that for some reason exists in this town/Stiles' mind, Lydia has to remind Scott that he's a werewolf, as in a supernatural creature with supernatural strength, Scott, so break free already. It's a good thing she went into his head with him since Scott turns to her for help once they're free. "I don't know. This is my first time in someone else's head," she reminds him. When he opens the door, however, it slams shut behind him, separating them. She ends up in her worst nightmare and as she walks through the balloons in the school hallway, she calls out for Jackson. Sorry, Lydia, there's no kanima-turned-werewolf here. There's just a nogitsune advancing on you, slamming lockers.

Meanwhile, Scott finds himself kissing Allison in a closet, and she tells him they have to be quiet, but don’t worry, everything's fine, they're together. Outside, Peter notices Lydia's nose bleeding and screams her name. Scott realizes that it's all a trick since he and Allison aren't together anymore, and as he bursts out of the closet, Lydia bursts out of the school, and they find themselves in the room Scott, Stiles and Allison ended up in during the sacrifice. Stiles and the nogitsune are busy playing Go on the nemeton, but no matter how much they run and scream, they can't reach him.

Allison and Kira arm themselves before going into the locker room and even trade weapons before ending up together with the werewolves advancing on them. Sure, Allison seems to be perfectly fine with that sword, but can they really take on three werewolves? Meanwhile, Derek tells Argent he's not his ally, he's a hunter, and Argent agrees with him, bringing up a certain training exercise before freeing himself from the chair and grabbing a gun under his desk. Derek attacks, but Argent gets the gun under his chin.

Once again, Lydia's the voice of reason for Scott and tells him that Stiles is part of his pack, so how do wolves signal their location to the rest of their pack? "They howl," Scott says and wolfs out. He howls, the board shakes and Stiles finally sees them and swipes the pieces off the board. The nogitsune growls. The fly-infected werewolves collapse, and everyone's alive for now.

But all is not well. When Scott and Lydia come out of it, Peter only cares about getting the name of his child from her, and she gives it to him. Then they have bigger issues than Peter trying to reunite with his kid and ruin her life even more: Stiles pulls the duct tape off his mouth and throws up bandages. The nogitsune then climbs out of the bandages, but when Peter and Scott hold it down and peel away the bandages, it's Stiles, as in really Stiles? And the other Stiles is gone, along with Lydia.

"Teen Wolf" season 3 airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on MTV. What did you think of episode 22 "De-Void"?

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