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Teen Wolf "Can't Go Back" its season 4!

In 3 days… MTV’s supernatural teen drama returns for its fourth season. After three seasons of crazy and unexpected plot twist, the show is expected to be a little less extreme than before. According to Tyler Posey, it will be “more like an action, adventure, comedy.” Needless to say, there is still to be much remorse for the loss of characters, mostly coming from the Argent and Hale families.
Teen Wolf is a show inspired by the 1985 comedy starring “Back to the Future’s” Michael J. Fox. The main writer of MTV’s Teen Wolf, Jeff Davis, kept the names of the lead characters and then introduced an entire city of characters. The shows cast is known for their always convincing acting and being a lot more attractive than the average person. The show follows the adventures of Scott McCall, a teenage boy who is turned into a werewolf, and his best friend Stiles. Their friends and family become involved in these adventures as the seasons go on. Like every good “telenovela” the show has some points of where storylines unexpectedly overlap or cross one another.
The shows has such a huge following, especially in the social networking world. The actors are very interactive with their fans via, twitter, snail mail, and even live cam. The show itself has had many opportunities for the fans to meet the cast, as well as have small cameos in one or two of the episodes.
Only 3 days until all the supernatural creatures of Beacon Hills return to your home through your TV. They promised a season of excitement and some of that brotherly love between Scott and Stiles that you remember from Season 1. Though they claim the craziness will die down in this season, if you’re a Teen Wolf fan you know that means that the number of supernatural creatures may or may not be reduced. Probably Not! Expect more death, betrayal, lust, fights, torture, and interesting weapons. The journey of Teen Wolf has been through a lot of changes and serious tragedy, no one is sure where it’s leading us next but it’s made clear by this season’s theme: it “Can’t Go Back.”
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