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'Teen Wolf' 'Anchors' recap: Scott, Stiles and Allison struggle with reality

'Teen Wolf' season 3B cast
'Teen Wolf' season 3B cast
Matthew Welch

"Teen Wolf" season 3B kicked off Monday, Jan. 6, with episode 13, "Anchors," which explored the aftermath of what Scott, Stiles, and Allison did to save their parents.

Creepiest. Opening. Ever. The first seven minutes of this "Teen Wolf" episode made you question everything with Dylan O'Brien giving quite the performance as Stiles had a nightmare within a nightmare within a nightmare featuring that dreaded nemeton, waking up next to Lydia, and worry about "them" getting in, until he finally woke up screaming and his father rushed into the room to comfort him. But that wasn't the end of it for him. He began having problems reading text and saw the numbers on his locker's lock as symbols, and as he told Scott, you can't read in your dreams. He was never sure if he was actually waking up.

Tension in the McCall household After Isaac admitted that he wanted to kiss Allison, Scott threw him into the wall and did the same thing again when he asked Isaac why he was there to step in when Allison shot an arrow at Lydia. All Melissa could do was warn them not to test her patience – and remind them that the house couldn't heal itself. Meanwhile, at school, Scott had problems staying in control and ended up relying on pain. But later on, the matter of Scott no longer having Allison proved to be a big problem when he couldn't control himself after finding out that his father was sticking around to help get Stiles' father fired. Fortunately, he had an awesome mother around to offer him advice – "Be your own anchor" – and some words of wisdom: he'd fall in love again.

So about that dead aunt… Allison was also suffering in the aftermath of that ritual to save their parents, as a daily ride in the elevator turned into a trip to the morgue to see her dead aunt before stumbling into the school hallway. When Lydia took Allison out to give target practice a try, that ended with her seeing Kate once again and shooting an arrow at Lydia. Luckily, Isaac was there to grab it just in time. Later, Allison woke up from a strange dream that began with her hooking up with Isaac, who said Scott had moved on, and ended with Kate strangling him and Allison holding the knife to help her, only to find that knife on the bed with her.

There was something about that new kid… The new History professor helpfully brought along a teenage daughter to embarrass in class, for Scott to notice, and to provide the group with an answer to what they were going through: Bardo, a Tibetan word referring to the state in between life and death. (Finally, someone overheard one of their conversations at school. We didn't need another completely oblivious classmate.) They could be visited by peaceful and wrathful deities (demons). The final stage? Well, that was death.

Finally, some answers It got worse when Stiles found himself in what he thought was a regular class only for Coach and the entire class to sign at him, and when he "woke up," Scott told him he wasn't sleeping. But he had written over and over in his notebook, "Wake up." This was when Deaton came in handy, as he knew enough sign language to figure out that the message Stiles' subconscious was trying to communicate was "When is a door not a door?" "When it's ajar," Scott answered the easy riddle. It turned out that when they went under the water and crossed from unconsciousness to super-consciousness, they opened doors in their minds – and those doors were still ajar. They needed to close them ASAP.

Sheriff Stilinski began questioning the past With his newfound knowledge of the supernatural, Stiles' father began looking at past cases and focused on one in particular: a car accident that claimed the lives of almost an entire family on the full moon eight years ago. Malia, Tate's nine-year-old daughter, was still missing, and he wanted Scott to try to track her down so they could then catch the werewolf responsible. So the Sheriff paid Tate a visit while Scott and Stiles tried to find something in her room for Scott to scent, but all he could smell was dog.

However, Scott wasn't going to give up, and he and Stiles set out in the middle of the night to search the woods. Apparently no one wanted to go through the hassle of moving the car because, after Stiles jumped after a coyote howl, they found that it was still at the scene of the accident. The claw marks on the car suggested werewolf, and Scott took off in pursuit after hearing a growl. "Malia?" He asked when he came face-to-face with the...coyote?

About those Hales… We didn't see Derek until the very end, and when we did, he and Peter were both shirtless and tied up for torture and electrocution. Even Peter had to admit it was probably his fault.

"Teen Wolf" season 3 airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on MTV. What did you think of episode 13 "Anchors"?

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