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'Teen Wolf' 'A Promise to the Dead' recap: Fear, anger and a horrible first date

'Teen Wolf' season 4 episode 11 "A Promise to the Dead"
'Teen Wolf' season 4 episode 11 "A Promise to the Dead"
MTV, via Twitter

The Monday, Sept. 1 episode of "Teen Wolf," 411, "A Promise to the Dead," sees Scott plan a sweet first real date for Kira, only for that to go horribly wrong. Meanwhile, Liam's completely freaking out and it spills over onto the lacrosse field, but an unlikely source provides some insight.

This "Teen Wolf" episode shows that Eichen House has yet more secrets, including a secret floor housing the supernatural, and Deaton seems to be the institution's hunter as he interrupts a wendigo's latest meal – and apparently it tastes better if the kill is scared – and brings him back. Then he goes to visit one of the House's patients, a doctor with a third eye, and after that, he ends up a patient there himself, seemingly comatose and spending time in a Berserker tomb in his head until Lydia shows up to talk to him.

It's refreshing to watch Liam be scared considering everything going on in his life, and he's about one step away from begging Mason to sleep over because he clearly doesn't want to be alone. It's hard to blame him since he keeps seeing Berserkers everywhere, and if anyone needs a nightlight, it's him. It gets so bad, he's pushing Mason away, and while Mason knows something's going on with him – "Have you been practicing or did you just suddenly get superhuman reflexes?" he even asks while they're playing video games – he doesn't have many options for friends, so he's not pushing the issue.

However, it's Brett who ends up helping Liam when the freshman fails during the lacrosse game because of his Berserker visions. Scott and Kira are MIA, leaving Coach to wonder what's more important than his lacrosse game (but considering where they are, they have a really good excuse), and Stiles goes off with his father to search for their friends. It falls on Brett to push through Liam's fear, and he reminds him that he's lucky to have true alpha Scott. Still, Liam can't help but wonder where he is, considering the only time he sees him was when he's almost crushed by the weights in the locker room.

Meanwhile, Argent tracks Kate and the Berserkers to the sewers, but Peter's waiting for him – with one of those Berserkers. While Peter can't kill him since he promised Kate, he can stick rebar into him and into the cement wall behind him and bend it so Argent is stuck there bleeding, until Parrish shows up. The deputy has been following Peter since the whole deal with Meredith, and while Argent tries to send him away to call Scott above ground where there's a signal to warn him, Parrish refuses to leave him there to die, but whatever Parrish is, he's not strong enough to free Argent himself or he can't tap into that strength. Instead, he has to get Argent to boost his adrenaline by getting him angry, and he brings up Allison and how angry she'd be if she knew what was happening to Scott. That seems to work, Argent screams, and Parrish's eyes glow orange.

After Melissa finds the bag of money under Scott's bed and reminds him that while they could use the money, it belongs to Derek, Scott brings it to Derek – only to find out that it's actually all Peter's. Derek spent his on buying the building his loft is in, a loft that doesn't even have a TV as Scott and Kira learn when they take it over for the night for their first real date. (But what would Derek even watch if he had a TV?) Kate and a Berserker rudely interrupt their make-out session, beat them up and drag them off to Mexico. Scott should've known better than to plan their date in Derek's loft, in Beacon Hills really. Has he learned nothing?

Kira ends up in a cell full of bones, and Scott ends up strapped down to the same slab Deaton sees while he's in his weird comatose state at Eichen House. Kate tells him the myth of Artemis and Actaeon, how the goddess turned the hunter into a deer and his own hounds tore him apart. She then begins to make him a Berserker, so his friends won't know what they're fighting or killing. Presumably putting that face piece on him makes him a Berserker or he can't talk to tell his friends he's under it?

Elsewhere, Derek and Braeden wake up when the alarm goes off in his loft, and when they open the door, Lydia screams. The Stilinskis' financial problems are a bit better since Eichen House forgave their debt, thanks to one of their orderlies trying to kill them. "I have never been so happy to almost be murdered," Stiles says. It's enough that the Sheriff can take his son and Malia out for dinner, for something like pizza, not Malia's favorite food of deer. Finally, Peter joins Malia at the lacrosse game and tells her he found their Desert Wolf, and yes, she's her mother. But first, he needs her to kill Kate.

"Teen Wolf" season 4 airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on MTV. What did you think of episode 11 "A Promise to the Dead"?

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