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'Teen Wolf' 3x22 sneak peek: Will the nogitsune get what it wants?

Not much happened in the latest episode, but it did set up next week's "Teen Wolf," "De-Void," for which MTV released a sneak peek Monday, March 3, during "Wolf Watch."

Dylan O'Brien as Nogitsune Stiles in 'Teen Wolf' season 3B

As the latest "Teen Wolf" ended, Sheriff Stilinski was the one who showed up at Derek's loft, where the nogitsune was waiting. "Hi, Dad," he greeted him, and now, the sneak peek for next week seems to pick up just moments later. In this next episode, Scott and Lydia join forces, while Sheriff Stilinski faces a review board. But first, what's going to happen between the Sheriff entering the loft and facing that review board?

Well, as the "De-Void" sneak peek shows, Argent has his gun on Stiles, while the Sheriff tells him not to shoot. "Why not? I've done it before. Werewolves, berserkers. I can easily add a nogitsune to the list." As Stilinski pulls his gun on Argent, the nogitsune just stands back and watches the scene unfold before chiming in with a "Dad, he's going to shoot me. He's going to kill me" to Stilinski, then "Pull the trigger. Shoot me. Shoot me!" to Argent. Allison's the one who notices that the nogitsune is getting what it wants: strife.

But considering that the Sheriff was the one who said they needed a new punch line at the end of "The Fox and the Wolf," wouldn't he insist on having a plan when they went to confront the nogitsune? Could this just all be their trick?

"Teen Wolf" season 3 airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on MTV. What do you think of this episode 22 "De-Void" sneak peek?

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