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'Teen Wolf' 3x20 extended promo: They're losing Stiles, but what's their plan?

Dylan O'Brien as Nogitsune Stiles in 'Teen Wolf' season 3B
Dylan O'Brien as Nogitsune Stiles in 'Teen Wolf' season 3B

Stiles is checking himself into Eichen House in next week's "Teen Wolf," 320, "Echo House," and on Thursday, Feb. 20, The Wrap posted the extended promo teasing more of what to expect as everyone tries to figure out what to do.

By the end of the last episode, Deaton had arrived in time to poison the fox as Nogitsune Stiles was twisting the blade inside Scott, but like he said, he just poisoned it. With everything the nogitsune has done in Beacon Hills, is anyone surprised that Stiles is checking himself into Eichen House? But is that the best idea? The short promo already teases that he's going to end up in trouble there, and now the extended "Echo House" promo offers a further look at what's going on there and with his friends as they try to figure out a way to help him.

Sheriff Stilinski goes with his son to check him in, and while Stiles says, "Make sure I never get out," it looks like that might not be the best idea. He does appear to end up in the basement and slaps someone, plus there's someone hanging in a stairwell, and if this is at Eichen House, yes, this may be a mental institution, but the nogitsune feeds off of pain, chaos and strife. It seems more likely than not that it's somehow involved.

"You know if all of this is true, people are dead because of Stiles," Derek says, but Mr. Argent proposes the question, "But is it really Stiles?" Could he be questioning if Stiles is the nogitsune (or maybe the only nogitsune)? Is he remembering Katashi's "even if it's your own daughter"? After all, they are tricksters, and you can never trust a fox, as Scott learned in "Letharia Vulpina."

Meanwhile, Scott thinks they've come up with a "really bad plan," but Allison argues, "We can do this. We're losing Stiles. My dad's in jail for murder. We need to do this." But what exactly is "this"? Is the plan why Scott and Allison are between police cars later in the video?

Finally, the nogitsune's presence is all over this preview, but can it be stopped? The promo ends with the very chilling, "Let me in," from the nogitsune.

"Teen Wolf" season 3 airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on MTV. What do you think of the episode 20 "Echo House" extended promo?

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