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'Teen Wolf' 3x19 short promo: Who's not breathing?

"Teen Wolf" season 3 continues next week with episode 19, "Letharia Vulpina," and on Thursday, Feb. 13, MTV released a new short preview teasing what to expect.

Dylan O'Brien as Stiles for 'Teen Wolf' season 3B

In this next "Teen Wolf" episode, Scott and the others try to prevent a disaster. Meanwhile, Lydia and Allison turn to an unlikely teacher, and as the previews show, that's Peter. Now that should be interesting. There's already a longer promo, as well as a sneak peek out, teasing what to expect, and it looks like a couple of characters are going to be in danger.

This new short TV spot offers another look at Stiles' hands covered in blood, but we can see that's because of the arrow in Coach, which happens after Stiles uncovers a chain and had clearly expected to find something else, as seen in the extended clip from "Letharia Vulpina."

Most of this short preview is a series of images flashing by quickly, and the words "chaos," "strife" and "pain" repeat until settling on "Stiles." Some of it has been seen before in the preview that aired after "Wolf Watch" this week, including the explosion at the station and Derek and Mr. Argent together, but we also get a bit more of the big scene coming up between Scott and Stiles.

But it's the beginning of this promo that has us worried about Isaac, who appears to be electrified, presumably by the live wire swinging toward Kira at the end of the last episode? He was seen on a stretcher in the 3B preview released earlier this season, but if he dies, they wouldn't show us this in the promo, would they? He isn't seen in the rest of the promos or the sneak peek, but could this just bench him for a bit?

"Teen Wolf" season 3 airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on MTV. What do you think of this short TV spot? Are you worried about Isaac?

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