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Teen who set Brooklyn fire that critically injured two says he was 'bored'

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This is not the first time boredom has been offered as a defense for criminal acts by minor delinquents. Last August the bored party was a 17-year-old from Indiana who, in search of a way to pass the time, settled on killing kittens with a bow and arrow, then posting gruesome photos of their carcasses on Facebook.

This time around the suspect is 16, and his cure for ennui was to set fire to a Coney Island high rise. No one was killed, though two members of New York’s finest remain hospitalized with carbon monoxide poisoning and smoke inhalation. Both are said to be fighting for their lives.

According to New York’s Daily News, the “firebug,” Marcell Dockery, was charged Monday with setting the blaze that critically injured housing cops Rosa Rodriguez and Dennis Guerra. Dockery has been charged with two counts of assault, one of arson, and one of reckless endangerment. If either officer dies, felony murder is likely to be added to the mix.

It will perhaps come as no surprise that Dockery has a rap sheet that includes a previous arrest for lighting a fire. He started the conflagration Sunday by torching a mattress in the 13th floor hallway of the building where he lives.

Dockery told authorities that he planned on extinguishing the flames but that when they became too fierce to stomp out, he bolted.

Since his arrest, Dockery has also been charged with robbery and grand larceny after a 60-year-old tenant who saw his picture in the paper fingered him as the thug who menaced her on March 7 with a razor blade. According to the tenant, Yanick Francois:

He said, 'Don't say nothing before you get your face cut.’ He took my bag and threw everything on the floor and he grabbed $10 and ran up the stairs. I didn't call cops because I'm scared.

In December 2010, Dockery was charged with reckless endangerment. The following March, he was arrested for criminal mischief for pot possession.

On his Facebook page, Dockery posted a picture of himself with what appears to be a joint in his mouth. Under “About,” he describes himself as having attended Liberation Diploma Plus High School, a last-chance school for students whose previous attempts at an education “didn’t take.”

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