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Teen Walmart's home? Diaper-wearing 14-year-old boy called Walmart home

A Texas 14-year-old teen boy called his local Walmart home? Employees at a Texas Walmart stumbled upon a startling discovery – a 14-year-old boy had been secretly living inside of the big box store. They say to make yourself at home, as the idiom goes, but Walmart’s slogan of “live better” doesn’t actually mean that Walmart wants their customers shacking up with their low-priced wares.

Reports CBS News on Aug. 13: “His age? 14. His address? Walmart. Employees of a Corsicana Walmart were shocked to find a teenage boy secretly living inside the store for several days. The teen wasn't just hiding in the store. He built a secret hidden compound and was able to call the 24-hour store home for four days before being discovered.”

The homeless teen, who was not identified, slept in a makeshift bed, ate the food being sold inside of the store, pilfered and wore clothes off the rack – and even collected a little fish from the pet section to keep him company. The boy was so concerned about being caught that he even used diapers as opposed to using the store’s restroom. Eventually, much like many teens, a tell-tale trash buildup around the boy’s living area gave him away.

The boy arected two “campsites” to hide in. One hidden compound was set up behind some large stroller boxes; the other was behind large stacks of paper towels and toilet paper. During the day, the teen would leave the store, returning in the evening and slipping away in the store someplace, unnoticed, before closing time came.

“You would never expect that you're at Walmart there's someone living there and has been living there for four days. That's crazy,” said Walmart shopper Myrna Aguilar.

Police were called and the teen was released into the custody of relatives. Child Proectvive Servises, who came in to oversee the investigation, said that the boy lives with his family but was visiting other relatives when he ran away.

Writes The Associated Press:

Corsicana police in a statement Wednesday say the boy was visiting his aunt in Corsicana when he ran away July 28. He was found two days later at the store. Police say the teen, from nearby Rice, has a history of running away, tending to hide in abandoned homes and businesses.

There was no word on if trespassing or theft charges would be filed against the teen or his family.

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