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Teen vandals in Concho, Arizona

What did this mailbox ever do to you?
Kareena Maxwell

Right now I am between wanting to go after the vandals and watching the law (Federal Law), go after the two punks, excuse me...'young men' who took either their arms or a bat and destroyed my mailbox, and behaving like a saint and forgiving them. What would the Dali Lama say? The images of the box getting beaten up and the sounds of the hammering that sent my husband and I to the source, keeps playing in my mind.

I raised 2 sons in New York City...I have seen, heard and experienced more than most. I am not sheltered and I am not a push over. What were they thinking? Do they think? A neighbor got involved and assisted in the chase as one got away and the other threw down 2 sweaters and his cell phone...right there we know he has no idea what he just did. The sheriff was able to get the phone number off the phone, he took pictures of the foot prints and the clothing...2 kids acting stupid, impulsive, destructive and not caring about the outcome. They committed an offense and gave the middle finger said f***you and ran off like 2 scared children.

No one wants to pull rank...I know this person who can get you or...well it's clear where I am going here...I am from New York City. Ok, it is true...we don't play...we are leaders in the world...and we are trained to survive well because of the constant barage of stimuli around us.

I feel for the parents. Hopefully, this is just an episode of poor judgment by their kids who will grow up to be fabulous responsible citizens. Ok, there's my answer...I will take the high road...when I see them in the detention center I will forgive them. I will smile into their baby faces and believe them when they apologize.

In short however, when you damage someone's property you also damage a part of yourself. You can't take it back. You did it. You can't unvandalize...the rest will be up to you. Peace.

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