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Teen suspended: Miss America invite gets student in trouble

Teen suspended for asking Miss America to the prom.
Photo by Desiree Navarro/Getty Images

A teen has been suspended for asking Miss America to the prom when she visited his school. Patrick Farves is a senior at Central York High School in Pennsylvania. He asked Nina Davuluri to the prom during a question and answer session she held at his school. He even handed her a plastic flower, and he asked for a photo. He never was able to take the photo. On April 19, Fox News reported on the incident and what happened next.

What happened to this high school student after he popped his sweet question? That event is gaining some attention today. He was given a three day in-school suspension for the act. Why the punishment? He told administation of the school about his question before the event, and they told him not to do it. He went ahead and asked his question anyway, and that earned him the suspension.

Apparently, his act was against the rules, and Central York High School has a strict no tolerance policy when it comes to rule breaking. Farves still doesn't have a date for his prom, and he revealed that he might go by himself when he spoke to Fox News about the event.

What do you think of this suspension? Was it right to suspend him for the question? The administration were not happy about the disruption, but it seems like such a small thing to do. Is it worth the three days time? Every teen boy wants to take a beautiful girl to the prom. That is all he wanted to do.

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